Who’s going to replace all these DPs?

This offseason is shaping up to be a brutal one in terms of MLS’ coterie of high-priced designated players. Let’s review:

* Beckham – almost certainly gone
* Donovan – quite likely gone
* Gallardo – desperately wants out

So, who’s going to come in and fill this void in starpower? Are teams going to shy away from using the DP after seeing United’s and the Galaxy’s struggles with it? If not, what kind of players do you think are available if an MLS team wanted to go spend its DP during the season? Are targets like Del Piero, Owen or Veron real possibilities or just agent-fodder?

More importantly than the names that are available, are there any real difference-makers available for a team willing to spend a DP on one? Remember, a DP doesn’t have to be foreign. Could an ambitious team go get Clint Dempsey if Fulham get relegated?

Anyway, these are all just questions that came to mind this morning. What do you think?

PS: And I am not just saying this to piss off Loney – but what are the Galaxy thinking trying to sign Michael Owen? He makes Gallardo look rugged, averaging only 17 club appearances-per-season since arriving at Newcastle.

Amongst last season’s top ten players in MLS scoring, not one had less than 21 appearances (Casey) and as a whole, they averaged nearly 26 (league only) appearances. There is simply no way Owen would hold up over an MLS season.


The Appiah Situation

Well, assuming what Steve wrote is true, it’s beginning to look like those deals for Gallardo and Emilio are slowly strangling United’s ability to do much of anything.

I have always been slightly concerned that having two DPs ties up too much cash to allow for enough flexibility, and it looks like we might have some proof of that. Like many DC fans, I was slightly nauseated when I read this, but if I were a Dallas fan, I’d lose my mind when I read this.

At least United showed some ambition in attempting to sign him. Dallas meanwhile is attempting to emulate the “model” of “Deadly” Doug Ellis’ Aston Villa teams of the last 10 years, squandering a big market for no reason other than their own cheapness.

Actual News: Sources say Marshall signing to be announced soon

It’s very, very rare when Fighting Talker can actually break news, especially news that Steve apparently doesn’t know yet, but my sources close to the situation in Columbus are telling me that Chad Marshall is about to decline that offer from Mainz and accept an extension from the Crew. I don’t yet know the details on the extension, but I’ve been told it’s coming soon.