A guess and a potential mess

Goff starts the trade rumblings in earnest today.

*MLS draft fever: 10 days and counting. More on that later today. Lots of trade rumblings, including a potential three-way deal involving Dallas and Toronto and another club. I also hear Dallas is in the market for a veteran left-side midfielder.

I have no idea what Dallas, Toronto, and Team X are up to but I am willing to bet that the left-sided midfielder on the market is Eddie Lewis of LA.

Speaking of Dallas (And how often do ever do that during the offseason?), Schellas Hyndman had some interesting things to say about Kenny Cooper’s status.

“I believe we will have Kenny for this year,” Hyndman told DallasSoccerNews.com. “All I know, we got an okay to count on Kenny for the season.”

I hope Hyndman isn’t as naive as he sounds there. Because who here really believes that MLS would reject an offer if the number is high enough? As I said in an earlier post, I am certain that Cooper will not finish the 2009 season in Dallas, whether Hyndman believes it at this moment or not.