Steven Goff calls DC United a “second-class organization”

Today in an online chat with Washington Post sports columnist Tracee Hamilton, Steven Goff unloaded this broadside against DC United.

He also elaborated a bit on where he thinks DC United will end up playing in 2011 and beyond.
Lord knows you won’t hear any disagreement out of me on any of those statements. But it’s still indicative of just how ugly United’s is that its own beat writer, and someone hugely respected in American soccer journalism, is saying these things about the organization.


17 thoughts on “Steven Goff calls DC United a “second-class organization”

  1. DCU is a MLS 1.0 team living in a 2.0 world.

    Most, if not all of the successful MLS teams (depending, I suppose, on how you define success) are run by ownership groups that know how to run and market sports teams and have the money to get things done. MSE, Red Bull, AEG, Paul Allen, etc.

    The league has passed Will Chang by. If Ted Leonsis or (god forbid) Dan Snyder bought the team tomorrow, you would be reading about a stadium deal within 6 months. Then rumors would start flying about a big-name DP, not a this-will-bring-in-some-Salvadorans player, but a sell-Jerseys-nationally DP, with another big name coming in a few years to open the stadium.

    A move to a Baltimore stadium might elevate the team to KC or Earthquakes status, but DCU will remain mired until someone who knows more and has deeper pockets buys the team.

  2. The league hasn’t passed Will Chang by. RBNY hasn’t won anything yet. They’re in second behind the Crew and their frugal ownership.

    The front office has put DCU in this position (on the field) due to personnel decisions…..not the owner. FC Dallas doesn’t have a DP, and has a frugal owner………and they’re on an incredible undefeated streak. (that will put them in a good position for the playoffs) How? Good drafting over a couple of years, and a couple of properly selected guys on loan from South America (Ferreira, Benitez, etc.)

    DCU is worse than an expansion team right now on the field. Where’s the accountability?

    The stadium issue is a different one. I’m not going to pretend to understand that.

  3. If DC United is second-class, then what does that make the Rapids–probably fourth or even fifth class? Yeah, they’ve been stuck with a bad stadium situation in the worst possible city in which to build a new one. But at least they’ve had some moments on the field and managed to develop a fan base.

  4. Success is not just about results on the field. In a league with engineered parity good organizations will lose and bad organizations will win. I’m not suggesting that DC will never win again. I’m saying that it won’t really do anything to make the team stable or profitable.

    San Jose 1 should be more than enough evidence about that.

    Columbus has a stadium (and is talking about a new one) Dallas has a stadium. Both of those teams are making money and neither is in danger of moving. The Hunts know how to get stadiums built, know how to run and market a team, and know how to assemble a good management team.

    Do you think Payne and Kaspar would still be in charge at DCU if the Hunts or AEG owned the team?

    The fact that you have to ask where the accountability is means that Will Chang is doing it wrong.

  5. It’s been said it’s better to celebrate any arrival to a party than to grouse about the guest being tragically late. Many had gleened dc’s lower status long ago.

    Personally, I’m just amazed MLS still functions without it’s self-proclaimed “flagship”…{derisive snicker}.

  6. United is a franchise caught up in it’s own tradition. Payne has become something of an Al Davis figure, albeit with less senility.

    The other aspect of the club is the “stay within the family” mentality for coaching hires. Alabama had that problem post-Bear Bryant and the Packers suffered from it post-Vince Lombardi. Just because you played for or assisted under a coaching legend doesn’t necessarily make you a great coach that will be able to duplicate the feats of your predecessor.

  7. I can’t believe you would say something like that. If Al Davis were still alive he would come over and stomp you into the ground.

  8. MLS is a league of parity. On the field, today’s winners are tomorrow’s losers, and vice versa. The fact that Dallas is winning today, and DCU are losing, means almost nothing in the long-term scheme.

    What matters is (1) a viable stadium situation; and (2) an ownership group that acts like it cares about the fans, which can be manifested in many different ways. That’s about all that matters when it comes to long-term stability, financial and otherwise.

    Right now, DCU has neither of those things.

  9. Did you hear Fenty on the radio over the weekend? He wants to bring the Redskins back to D.C. because “that’s where they belong.”

    Fine, so we’ll gladly repurpose EdFex for real football!

    The noive of this character.

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