Seattle and Toronto advance to CCL group stage. Care to complain about the All Star Game now?

So does that mean our great national nightmare of the MLS All-Star Game can be forgotten?

It’s just another reminder that in American soccer, almost nothing is as good as a league press release says it is, and nothing is as bad as the league’s haters say it is.

Finally, I need some statheads to come up with this one. If LA overcomes its deficit tonight against Puerto Rico, will that be the greatest 2nd leg comeback ever by an MLS team? I assume it would be, but my memory of matches is shot after watching 400 college and high school games in four years of being a sportswriter.


10 thoughts on “Seattle and Toronto advance to CCL group stage. Care to complain about the All Star Game now?

  1. If Los Angeles cannot beat Puerto Rico tonight, nothing will have mattered for the last fifteen years and we should just fold the league now. It’s really that simple. One setback is all that it takes to cave in.

  2. There is a very slim chance that LA can comeback tonight. PRI have 4 away goals (which 8 on aggregate?). That’s a big deficit to overcome.

  3. You seem to be suffering from the “away goals count double” misunderstanding. Away goals have no effect on the aggregate. Away goals are a tiebreaker (the first tiebreaker, I believe) if the series is tied on aggregate. If the series is not tied (as it would not be if LA wins by 4-0 tonight), away goals don’t mean anything.

    That said, it’s still a very big hill for LA to climb.

  4. There was no ‘away goals’ rule in effect for the LAG-SJ playoff extravaganza. The teams were tied 4-4 at the end of regulation and San Jose scored in OT. With the ‘away goals’ rule in play, LA would have won in regulation.

  5. No, the previously cited Earthquakes 5-2 thrashing of LA during the 2003 playoffs was the best 2nd leg comeback ever. It is often cited as the best MLS game of all time, not merely the greatest comeback. Will an LA comeback tonight top it? Doubtful, but the game is yet to be played. The standard they’d have to beat is pretty high.

    Interestingly enough, Landon was key for the Earthquakes in 2003, and if LA make the grade tonight, it will no doubt be with his significant contribution.
    While hypothetically granted, the speculation is uninteresting and doesn’t answer the question initially posed.

  6. @DougO – I should have elaborated a bit more. I think a potential LA comeback would be more difficult than SJ’s, but not as memorable. On the other hand, San Jose only had about 70 or so minutes to make their comeback, but was at home in the bandbox and did not have to worry about overcoming any away goals.

    Years later, I still get ill (as a Galaxy fan) thinking about it. That alone tells you what a great comeback SJ made… The rivalry makes this a much greater, more memorable comeback than if it came against, say, FC Dallas.

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