Update to Cosmos story: Paul Kemsley now controls the Cosmos and aims for December relaunch

Here is Paul Kemsley, the new owner of the NY Cosmos… and Pamela Anderson.

Remember about a year ago, when Britain’s Daily Mail broke the story that Paul Kemsley, a former Tottenham Hotspur board member and property developer had been in the process to purchase the name and image rights to the NY Cosmos?

Well, the deal apparently was finalized as I have had it confirmed by someone close to the Cosmos that the team is being run by Kemsley.

My new Bigsoccer colleague Tom Dunmore profiled Kemsley when the story first broke.
Just today, Kemsley gave a little bit more detail to his plans in a Wall Street Journal piece that features his connection to a British bank currently being sued over a NY real estate deal.
Of course the big question is whether this “fully competitive side” plans to play in MLS, the DII league, or whether it just plans to barnstorm in front of the dwindling numbers of people who remember the Cosmos. The other big question is whether Kemsley, whose main business recently went bust, has enough money or other investors to pull this off.


16 thoughts on “Update to Cosmos story: Paul Kemsley now controls the Cosmos and aims for December relaunch

  1. Oh Pamela, how could you tarnish your rep like that? You’re going to give boys the wrong idea.

  2. I think NY Cosmos as a second MLS team located in one of the five burroughs is a great idea. Not holding my breath, but a Metrobull v Cosmos game (with good teams) might fill the Meadowlands.

  3. “an inspirational traveling team and, eventually, a fully competitive side.”

    Ugh, sounds like the Harlem Globetrotters.

  4. This guy has turned every pie he has his fingers in into a poop pie. Hopefully he destroys the Cosmos brand the same way and finally spares us the constant bleating about the revival of that old stanky corpse.

  5. How good would players be that would join a team not associated with any league? Would this be like AC St. Louis “barnstorming” the country? Sounds like a disaster. Love the Cosmos to MLS though.

  6. This guy proves the old adaage there is a sucker born every day. He supposedly paid Peppe Pinton millions for the Cosmos name, something Pinton never really owned in the first place. All the years he claimed the trademark, it was not registered. He finds this sucker, pays the 750 bucks to register the mark and turns around and sells it. How good a businessman can this guy be if he got taken by Pinton, who anyone who has ever met him will agree is not the brighest bulb.

  7. He can do what he wants with the Cosmos I guess — the only fitting thing would be to spend rediculous sums of money he doesn’t actually have on mercenary near-retirees — That’s pretty much the Studio 54 excess style the NASL was ran before it imploded like an oversprawled suburban development. With the excess product pumped out a rate way higher than the real demand, which actually was admirable at one point (too bad they f’ed it up or our domestic league could be as far along as Bundesliga with our learning curve)…

    I just hope he keeps his product the hell away from MLS, which is actually doing things the right way — which means no instant gratification…

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