Like flies to a flame, here comes the Cosmos to try and bilk some money out of American soccer fans

Update II: I have confirmed the new owner of the Cosmos.

Take a look at who has relaunched its website, complete with a KRS-soundtracked (yet, increasingly-dated looking) 70s highlight reel.

That’s right, it’s the New York Cosmos.

The website has absolutely no content or information, which fits the Cosmos perfectly since they’re a soccer “team” that hasn’t played an actual match since 1984. Currently the Cosmos exist as little more than a logo, some dusty trophies and figments’ of Tri-Stater nostalgia.

It almost certainly is the work of restaurateur and “owner” of the Cosmos, Peppe Pinton who, after seeing the little soccer “boomlet” the US has experienced this summer, has sensed an opportunity to wring just a bit more money out of nostalgic and naive American soccer fans.

I can only imagine what Pinton, his long time master Georgio Chinaglia, and all the other old washed-up has beens of the 70s New York soccer scene have cooked up this time. Will it be a Cosmos all-star tour of Uzbekistan? Maybe it’ll be Cosmos on ice, with the “Cosmos” touring municipal ice rinks of upper NY state.

I can assure you though, that nothing they are up to will amount to anything other than publicity and maybe a quick buck for Pinton and Chinaglia. It won’t be an MLS expansion team (Georgio and Peppe hate MLS) and I doubt even the USSF/USL/NASL DII people would allow for these charlatans to get involved with their league.

UPDATE: It looks like they have a Twitter feed as well.

H/T: Offside Rules for first spotting the updated website.


19 thoughts on “Like flies to a flame, here comes the Cosmos to try and bilk some money out of American soccer fans

  1. Believe it or not, but that is harsh on the Rangers, who despite not getting past the second round of the playoffs since their title year, have participated in and even occasional won actual hockey games.

  2. God forbid anyone draw attention from the 98% of US v Ghana viewers who don’t watch MLS. Bastards!

    Oh, and what does it say when a team that doesn’t even exist draws more attention than MLS, anyway?

    I know we can’t question the MLS business model. Must be some kind of universal mystery…

  3. Please, could someone put a stake in this Cosmos thing? Please.

    I want nothing to remind of what the NASL and the Cosmos did to Socccer in this country from the NASL demise to 1990or so. Personally, it was the biggest letdown, and I thank the Soccer God for the slow and steady supporters like Lamar Hunt versus the immediate high and crash that was the NASL and Cosmos experience.

  4. Even if Pinton did still own the rights to the Cosmos name, which you have now noticed that he has sold to Kemsley, it still wouldn’t mean that Chinaglia was involved. Pinton and Chinaglia have been on the outs for decades.

  5. I’m guessing the price they’d want for the ‘Cosmos Legacy’ far exceeds what MLS is thinks it’s worth. Seriously…how much cash do you really think that brand can generate? It’s not like circa 1975 Pele and Beckenbauer are going to be playing for them.

  6. So if the MetroStars…er…RedBulls simply changed their name, you’d be in? But if they don’t, you’re out?

    What in the world do you watch the sport for? The cool uniforms? The handsome players faces? The opportunity to feel fake nostalgia?

  7. One of two things will happen here:

    1) This will never get off the ground, and the name would be freed if anyone wants to come along and use it legitimately
    2) This will get just far enough off the ground to be a spectacular disaster (rather than the quiet one of scenario 1), and will kill the entire idea of ever using the name again

    Either one of these things would be good, though you should probably root for outcome number 2.

  8. It must be July if Peppe Pinton is making noise about some Cosmos comeback. He’s had the rights to the Cosmos name for 25 years and he’s done exactly what with it? I mean, beyond suppressing a few Cosmos footage from public view.

    I *do* like the big collars. That’s something the Red Bulls could certainly replicate.

  9. Isn’t Pinton pimping an off-broadway production of “The Cosmos’ Chorus Line”?

    I hear it features such memorable numbers as, “Who Wears Short Shorts?” and “I once knew a guy named Chinaglia”.

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