The United States will win a World Cup before England does. True or false?

So consider this the debut of our new feature, Conversation Starter. This feature is like an open thread for you, the readers, to discuss a given point amongst yourselves and with Ed and me.

Here’s today’s point for debate and discussion. English author, writer, and TV head Tom Watt has said that he believes the USA will win a World Cup before England wins its second. Especially after reading some of the criticism of English player development after the Germany loss, I tend to agree with this statement.

But what do you think? Who will win a World Cup first, the United States or England?

Have at it, but let’s try and keep things somewhat civil.


10 thoughts on “The United States will win a World Cup before England does. True or false?

  1. So consider this the debut of our new feature, Flame War Starter

    That seems a lot more like it.

    Anyway, to your original point, I think it’s hard not to say that the US won’t win before England does again. The US has been gradually developing more talented players over the last 15 years than England has. England doesn’t really seem to be focusing on developing talent from within their country. Look at the Premier League: It’s chock full of foreign talent when it was once full of English talent, and it’s a lot more simple to buy good foreigners than it is to develop good Englishmen. That isn’t to say that England doesn’t have any good young talent. I’m sure they do, but the Americans are starting to come around and become more of a player. I think we’re probably about 10, maybe 15, years away from being a world power. I seriously believe that. I think the MLS will continue to act as sort of a feeder system to the Euro Leagues for great young American talent, and it will only get better over the next few years. I think Howard, Donovan, Dempsey, and Davies are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the US exporting great talent. I also think this better developed talent will help MLS as well, and will help make that league much, much better.

    Or I could just be a ‘Merican homer.

  2. I can’t see either of em winning anything like that any time soon. The USA does seem to be improving though, while England appears stagnant.

  3. If you put a gun to my head and made me pick, I’d say the USA.

    But truthfully, I think it’s a trick question. For reasons that Forza La Juve discussed earlier, and what seems to be an inability to accept that the rest of the world knows what it’s doing in soccer, I can’t see England capturing the trophy.

    I would love to see the US win one. And if I weren’t already 37, I’d be more open to saying they are going to do it in my lifetime. But to me, while we might be able to hang with anybody in the world for one game, doing that against world power after world power in a tournament set up and winning is a different story. It is why this year was a lost opportunity, because there wasn’t an established power lurking before the semifinals.

    In terms of a collection of talent all over the park, I think the US has miles to go before catching Brazil, Germany, and Argentina. And there’s no harm in that. It’s the same for many other countries who have been considered successful and contenders.

    But the improvements that would have to be made are substantial for the US to attain the level necessary to win it all.

    I’ll go with the US, but we’re miles away from seeing it.

  4. USA will win before England matches 1966.

    Mongolia once was the worlds largest empire.

    Macedonia was once the world mightiest empire

    I got to tip the country with 309, 618, 203 people and a porous border to 59,000,000 people and a high population density (9x the US)—where the new people going to go?

  5. Quite frankly, I think I will get to see people get cured by nanobots or a person land in Mars before I see either team win a World Cup.

  6. The USA will win a world cup before england wins ANOTHER ONE.

    Don’t be a smart ass obviously we know they won won already (by cheating but nonetheless they won).

  7. If not that, they may need to recruit Doctor Who to help them…wave his sonic screwdriver and voilá… actual professionals playing the game 😉

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