World Cup 2010 (Day 7): Argentina Awesome as France Fails …

… This morning’s match between Argentina and South Korea to decide who would go top in Group was just about everything I had hoped for. South Korea didn’t quite get as many chances as I thought they might, but Argentina’s defense were just sleepy enough at times to let their opponents have opportunities.

However, Argentina could have been completely zonked (see France, circa 2010) and they weren’t going to lose today, what with the creativity of Lionel Messi and the finishing of Gonzalo Higua


6 thoughts on “World Cup 2010 (Day 7): Argentina Awesome as France Fails …

  1. Mexico should thank the USA for teaching them how to play in cold weather. And for MLS reviving Blanco’s career.

  2. This has to be one of the stupidest comment ever.

    Hey spazzo, don’t let hate and jealousy overtake you.

  3. The gringos, now more so than ever, have to thank England’s GK for the early X-mas gift, otherwise they would be kissing the WC goodbye by now.

    Half-time just ended and Slovenia is beating the USA 2 – 0. With that talentless team I don’t see how the gringos are going to come back to win the game.

  4. And Aaron…not making fun of you at all, but this tells us how wacky this World Cup has become that you made three reasonable picks and got all of them wrong.

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