World Cup 2010 – Day 4: Not Much of What I Expected …

… And probably not much of what most folks expected, as Cup holders Italy fail to secure three points in their opener against Paraguay – having to rally in fact to earn a 1-1 draw. Paraguay took the lead on a sweet set piece, featuring a long forward delivery from Aureliano Torres and a sharp scoring header by back Antol


3 thoughts on “World Cup 2010 – Day 4: Not Much of What I Expected …

  1. Perfect. So then, after a bit of “fact checking” and “sorting out irregularities in the video”, North Koreans will be taught to forever remember June 15, 2010 – the day their Chollima vanquished the great Brazilians 2-0, thereby thumbing their nose at the condescending world that condemns them to poverty and starvation by refusing to understand the reason and compassion of their Dear Leader.

  2. I don’t believe Japan was “outplayed on the day”, but won anyway. They enjoyed the better possession up and until they got the goal, and then predictably sat back more and tried to hit on the counterattack. The Japanese were crisper in their passing and had better movement off the ball than the Cameroonians, and defended extremely well throughout.

    All in all a great day for Japan either way. A solid 3 points.

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