Let’s all see who DC United is overpaying this year…

It’s time for that annual tradition that is reviewing the MLSPU salary release to comment on the worst of United’s current bunch of overpaid geriatrics and medical cases.

Leading the list:

Troy Perkins (2.13 GAA, 66 SV%) $205k

Remember, not only does this take into account his $205k of guaranteed money, but it also includes the fact that United panic-traded both Fred and the 2010 1st round draft pick for him. Are those stats and his litany of errors in 2010 worth it? Not a chance.

Danny Allsopp (2g in 9 appearances) $180k

After struggling to get fit enough to get on the field Allsopp hasn’t exactly stunk (his two goals co-lead the team after all… sigh) but yet again I ask, is Allsopp a $180k+ player in MLS? The only reason he isn’t #1 on the list is that unlike Perkins he hasn’t singlehandedly cost us goals against and results. But with a pedigree like the Aussie A-League and Qatar, it’s not like anyone could see that he might come to MLS and struggle…. oh wait.

Cristian Castillo (0g, 0a), $120k

Now maybe Kevin Payne and DC management see him as a total success as he and his Salvadorean supporters have padded the attendance numbers at RFK, keeping United’s attendance around mid-table rather than closer to bottom of the league. Maybe to United, that’s enough, because God knows his performance on the field hasn’t been.

Jaime Moreno (1g, 0a in only 10 appearances) $160k

Is $160,000 too much to pay a bench player who has only scored only four goals from non-penalties since the beginning of 2009? Of course, and now with United’s new-found faith in direct (pound-it-at-Cristman-and-Allsopp)-style soccer, he sits on the bench most of the time, literally aging before our eyes while every one of us hears faint cash register noises in our heads each time we see him sitting there.

Keep in mind that I’m not even including Emilio’s $253k salary that’s listed because that does match with published info saying that, at least for now, Emilio’s cap hit is far smaller and not guaranteed.

But the big takeaway here is the very limited performance and lack of value of this season’s “big” new signings (Castillo, Allsopp, and Perkins). This is who DCU management thought could lead DC back to the playoffs. They haven’t even led DC to score over a goal-per-game.

United loves to swing its collective “thing” around with bold slogans like “We Win Trophies” and “It Takes More.” But as long as United cannot find even passable value for money in its big-money signings, the only slogans United’s supporters need to worry about are “Why Bother” and “How Far is Baltimore, Again?”


12 thoughts on “Let’s all see who DC United is overpaying this year…

  1. In Morenos defense, the majority of times Moreno has come on the field, he’s been the best player on the field. His role is almost that of an attacking mid then a forward.

    He may not have any assists, but you MUST include other variables before you write BS. He beats defenders more then the average MLS player and hits his target most of the time. Is it his fault the receiving end doesn’t put away their opportunities?

    Yeah, his speed is not where it used to be, but his speed is about average of the typical MLS player.

  2. Methinks you might be overreacting a bit. Perkins is the only real boner in the group, otherwise it’s not a case of D.C. overpaying for players, D.C. simply doesn’t have good players.

    That is, until I saw this. Now that’s overpaying. (Last time I checked, Joel Lindpere isn’t a DP)

  3. No, he hasn’t.

    No, he doesn’t.

    No, it isn’t.

    Jaime Moreno is my favorite player in this league. Always has been, and I can’t imagine that not being true. But I can’t ignore what I see.

  4. I have always admired Moreno as a player, but he is not helping the team by holding the ball when teammates are wide open to receive passes, and by dribbling into 2, 3, or 4 defenders, giving away the ball.

    There have been multiple instances this season where whatever strength United’s attack had mustered disintegrated after Moreno’s insertion into the game.

    He’s been a great, wonderful, historically significant player in MLS. All good things must end.

  5. Perkins really struggled at the start of the year, but has been looking good recently. Allsopp has been fine in his limited time with limited service. Castillo has looked poor so far, but is young and still adjusting to a big jump. I am not saying they were great signings or have earned their higher salaries, but they all could still justify their price tag. This is very different then last season when Jamie, Emilio, Gomez and Fred were playing much much lower then their pay and didn’t have youth or adjusting to the league as an excuse.

  6. I really think you’re being harsh on Allsopp. I didn’t expect much from him either but I think he’s done exactly what he was supposed to do – serve as a solid target forward. When he’s gotten service – not often with this bunch – he’s been effective.

    Unlike Jaime. I love the guy, and he’s the greatest player in league history. But even his touch – which was always light years ahead of the rest of MLS – is starting to desert him.

  7. I mainly agree with the sentiment, but having looked at some of the salaries being paid out to players in the other clubs, DC United appear to be downright frugal.

    If we weren’t scraping the bottom of the standings, DCU management would look like geniuses. Now, at best, even if the turnaround holds up, they’ll look like they were merely overly cautious.

  8. Nkufo isn’t one either, but he makes 480k.

    And we’re talking about someone who hasn’t actually played yet.

  9. How has no one mentioned Boskovic yet? We’re paying anywhere from $335,000 up for an unproven commodity from one of Europe’s lesser leagues, one that is probably about equivalent to the overall quality of MLS, if even that. He was nothing special while there, either- simply above average. And we’re paying him big money and, more importantly, using a DP slot on him.

    I fully support bringing him in if he doesn’t take up a DP slot, but this is a little ridiculous for someone no one west of the Atlantic has ever heard of. Part of the intention of DPs is to increase interest, and thus, attendance, but how can an unknown Montenegrin even hope to do anything like that?

  10. A) They did mention him, two posts above yours, the one I responded to right above you.
    B) You don’t know how much he’s making
    C) You haven’t seen him play

    D) Anyone who says the same player is value for max cap but not for a DP (ZOMGDP!!!111) isn’t paying attention to the DP rules. Boskovic is slated to take up less cap space than Blaise N’kufo will (in fact, Hanauer responded to the DP rule change by musing that he might re-work N’kufo’s contract to make him a DP just to save a little cap room).

    They reworked the rules specifically to open up the possibility of signing guys who don’t happen to be a huge name. The cap is no longer punitive, and you’re no longer using a ‘precious slot’ (every team essentially has three of them).

    A DP doesn’t need to be world famous anymore. If the guy’s good enough to prevent the team from sucking, it’s likely that alone will sell enough tickets to make it worth while.

  11. Other than not scoring, not providing assists, and being glacially slow, yeah – he’s the best player on the field.

    I love Jaime as much as any DC fan, but he’s not worth his current fee.

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