Pessimism that even I can’t agree with

First of all, I’d like to introduce everyone to my good friend Ted C. He’ll be contributing during this World Cup. Not only is he a fellow DC fan and an overall smart guy, but he’s been Fighting Talker’s most prolific commenter since the old days. So, he knows what he’s talking about and gets the full Fighting Talker seal of endorsement.

Yesterday, he debuted on Fighting Talker with a piece saying how because of the injuries and altitude the World Cup might be a disappointment.

I don’t agree one bit. While the rash of pre-tournament injuries has been bad, it won’t spoil our memories of this tournament. Can anyone out there remember a single injury to a team you don’t support (or England*) in the run up to the the 2006 or 2002 World Cup?

I can’t, and I even tried thinking about it when I was in the shower where I get my most of my truly “deep” thinking done.

We’ll remember this World Cup like we remember almost all of them, for a hopefully compelling (if not entertaining) final, for some great goals, some great saves, some amazing images, and for how our own teams do.

Are we really going to remember how Robben hurt himself (again) or how Ballack didn’t play? Fans of Holland and Germany might, but for fans of other countries looking back on the tournament, I think they’ll be mere footnotes.

I like the fact the tournament is going to be at altitude. Hopefully it, like the heat of 2002 and 1994, will help create more unpredictable results.

Despite my worries about the US. I can’t wait for the World Cup to start. I don’t connect the Nigeria-North Korea stampede with the management of the tournament on a micro level. The tickets appear to have been sold and they’ll be using technology to ensure that fraudulent tickets aren’t used to beat the system.

There will be plenty of time to assess whether it was a good idea to put the even in South Africa later. For now, finally, after the years of qualifying and anticipation, the World Cup is about to start and I can hardly wait much longer.

* Provisoed because they’re so hideously over-covered, especially as it relates to Beckham.


2 thoughts on “Pessimism that even I can’t agree with

  1. Altitude decreasing the level of play is a total fallacy. The Mexican World Cups in 1970 and 1986 had some of the most exciting games and teams in the history of the tournament, and most games were played and higher altitudes than the ones in South Africa.

  2. Does this “Ted C” go by TCompton? If so, I think you should keep him on full time; his posts are absolutely spectacular.

    EDIT: I hadn’t seen that TCompton is indeed cited as the author; my bad! My suggestion remains intact, however.

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