Rash Predictions for World Cup 2010 (Sorry, Ivory Coast)

So … if you haven’t joined the Fighting Talker World Cup Prediction Contest, go here and do so. The password is “fighting talker”. I don’t know if there’s going to be a prize, but hey, the worst you can do really is to do worse than me.

Speaking of my picks – I joined the group and made a very rash, quick, and someone purely guess-filled attempt to select how World Cup 2010 is going to play out. I ended up with a lot of “chalk,” as it were, but I made up for that by picking a winner that’s never won the Cup before – and it’s not Spain.

Here’s a brief look at who I have advancing from each group, with the winner appearing first, followed by the runner-up:

Group A: Mexico, South Africa. I just have no confidence in France whatsover and feel like they are going to be a huge disappointment this time around. South Africa has been more than competitive of late and I think hosting helps. I hate to give any credit to Mexico, so I won’t, but they’ll win the group.

Group B: Argentina, South Korea. One of the groups where the top team is far and above (I think, I hope); but second-place is anyone’s guess. I gave a nod to South Korea, but it’s close. Any of the four advancing wouldn’t surprise me.

Group C: England, United States. Down to the reasoning that I will go into here tomorrow – I just don’t think the US can beat England. I hope I’m wrong. I think Slovenia and Algeria are in very tough here and would be shocked with a capital SHOCKED if either advanced.

Group D: Germany, Australia. The Aussies are just plucky enough that they could win this group, but despite the injuries the side has suffered, I can’t pick against the Germans here. Ghana makes me worry for my picks a bit here.

Group E: Netherlands, Cameroon. On first glance I wanted to pick Japan, but maybe the site of their own-goalapaloosa vs. England scared me off. Denmark doesn’t get the job done, I don’t think, so it leaves Cameroon by default.

Group F: Italy, Slovakia. Taking Slovakia in the two-spot because I just don’t trust Paraguay. They are capable of quality soccer, but I don’t see it over 3 games.

Group G: Brazil, Portugal. The oft-repeated storyline of World Cup 2010 is that Portugal is going to go 3-and-out. This is more of just a contrarian pick for me here, but I thik if Portugal and Ivory Coast played 10x on a neutral field, Portugal would get the better of it. The trick here is they’ll only play once, so anything can happen, but I’ll stick with Portugal.

Group H: Spain, Switzerland. Spain is great unless they are playing the USA in South Africa, and the USA isn’t in their group. I flipped a three-sided coin to get the second team.

* Mexico over South Korea (I hate to pick this, but that’s how I see it)

* England over Australia (barely)

* Netherlands over Slovakia (not barely)

* Brazil over Switzerland (Brazil gets a stroll to show their flair)

* Argentina over South Africa (but not without a sweat)

* Germany over the United States (I want to believe in our defense, but I just can’t – please let me be wrong!)

* Italy over Cameroon (PKs)

* Spain over Portugal (I’m only going to believe in Portugal to a point)

* England finishes Mexico’s run, if for no other reason than I just couldn’t put El Tri in the semifinals.

* The Netherlands beat back Brazil to shock a good many observers.

* Argentina defeats Germany in a juicy quarterfinal.

* Spain bounces Italy.

* It all ends horribly for England, as the Netherlands advance, probably in extra time.

* Argentina stuns Spain to reach the final. I have less and less confidence in this pick the more I look at it, but I clicked everything off first instinct, and you’re not supposed to go against that.

* There certainly would be no lack of entertainment in a final between the Netherlands and Argentina. Their match in World Cup 1998 is still among my most favorite that I’ve ever seen. Though they did play a scoreless draw at World Cup 2006. But deep down, I really do think this is the year The Netherlands breaks through.

Of note, I said that in 2006, too. Oops.


3 thoughts on “Rash Predictions for World Cup 2010 (Sorry, Ivory Coast)

  1. Well, Aaron, you and I are going to be handcuffed in the prediction pool for a while. With one or two exceptions, our picks are identical until the semifinals.

  2. I went in trying to make an argument for the underdogs, but I just couldn’t do it. I’m not sure that beyond the usual superpowers, there’s a whole lot to offer here.

    I’m sure someone will trip me up having said that, but I didn’t see it on first glance, and I pretty much did this on first glance.

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