Gulati wants US Soccer to get some more respect

Well, fair enough, but this borders a bit on the whiny:
Is Gulati right or does he “doth protest too much?”


8 thoughts on “Gulati wants US Soccer to get some more respect

  1. Firstly, your title should read “Gulati wants US Soccer to get some more respect”

    I dont think that the title represents the spirit of Gulati’s quote, so I think that it should be completely different.

    If I went with your type of title, something along the lines of “Gulati Desires Respect for US Soccer” would be much more professional.

  2. I can’t say I blame him for the whining, but the only way we can dispel the negativity is by doing well in World Cups. The Confederations Cup was a great tournament for us, but it’s considered a lesser tournament (and probably rightly so.) If we do well this month in SA, we’ll have taken yet another step along the road to being acknowledged as a serious soccer country.

    I also think many of our own fans need to get rid of their own negative assessments of the US team. We’re a very solid team that can battle with any team in the world on any given day. The reverence with which we approach the traditional powers is annoying.

    Finally, so far as Gulati himself, 2 things. 1) So what if some English outlet calls MLS a pub league? I welcome that kind of underestimation. 2) Could you possibly have found a dorkier picture of him? (Yeah, he’s pretty dorky, but still…)

  3. Oops, good catch. Thanks.

    Professional? Who said anything about professional? If I were still a professional journalist, I’d be living in a shit town, nearly broke, likely girlfriend free, and I’d probably hate sports so totally that I’d start to agree with idiots like Skip Bayless. Trust me, when it comes to sportswriting, professional is one of the worst things you could possibly call a guy.

  4. I believe that was an official US Soccer portrait of him. Believe me, there’s worse out there, like



    I love that last one because I can’t tell if he thinks Kissinger is full of it or because someone just farted.

  5. I thank Sunil Gulati for all his work and what he has done for US soccer as a whole. That said, I mean this with all respect, I think US Soccer needs a new direction and new vision. I think that US soccer is under achieving in many facets and is a few tweaks away from becoming more of a force on and off the field. I feel like not much has changed at all since 2002 and that means we are a bit stagnant. I feel that US soccer marketing, image, and status is down more than it is up and that can all improve not only just by winning games.

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