Well, this ought to put an end to all the St. Louis belongs in MLS talk

One can argue that St. Louis belongs in MLS but I don’t think that anyone can argue that Jeff Cooper belongs in MLS. According to reports out of St. Louis, both the NASL’s AC St. Louis and the WPS’ St. Louis Athletica are facing serious financial problems and are scrambling to put together new investment. With the USSF, NASL and WPS all coming out an acknowledging problems in STL, it’s clear that this is bad.

Regardless of how Cooper and his franchises have reached this point, it just goes to show that his group has never had the kind of money to match his mouth and his dreams. Not only has MLS looked smart like Fake Sigi says, but you have think that this must end the St. Louis MLS dream. The money isn’t there, it hasn’t ever been there, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.


9 thoughts on “Well, this ought to put an end to all the St. Louis belongs in MLS talk

  1. Considering Cooper, I believe, is the NASL commish, I wonder if perhaps all those teams that jumped the USL ship will look to get back on board. I was all for the NASL starting, but now I see I may have been wrong.

  2. Here’s a guy who wanted to own a MLS team, yet couldn’t even keep a NASL team up and running for half a season. (Five games, to be exact)

    Pathetic, especially considering Cooper was gifted a free soccer complex, albeit one with some baggage.

  3. Something about a broken clock and being right twice a day.

    Also, reporting the same story doesn’t mean you ripped off someone who was FIRST!!!!! It just means you reported the same story as someone else.

  4. NO!!!!! That’s PLAGIARISM!!!! And PLAGIARISM!!! leads to SOCIALISM!!!!! which leads to THEENDOFAMERICA!!!!!!


  5. On a less mocking note, he linked to an article in a legitimate newspaper. Not a rumor blog that less than 12 people in the world would consider a credible source, even if half the “rumors” (manufactured or otherwise) they post on there came to fruition. The fact remains that it is a rumor blog, and hardly a credible source to cite. A St. Louis newspaper, on the other hand? That seems pretty credible to me.

  6. Man, you guys tow the company line hard. Coopers mistake was hoping he could buy into the ponzi scheme at Major Chain Soccer, where the Wal Marts of soccer face off every week. Have you noticed that virtually nobody is watching? Have you noticed that Garber said he doesn’t care if nobody’s watching? Do you ever feel kinda creepy defending this scheme?

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