And so, here we are. The UEFA Champions League Prediction Contest – The Final

This 9-month experiment in community involvement has finally hit the final turn, with only the stretch awaiting.

This whole project has been a lot of fun, and I’m thankful for everyone who has participated, whether it was for one day, most of them, or all of them. Had all that not happened, it would have been a rather silly looking series with just me picking the games week after week.

But more important than all that, there’s a trophy to play for tomorrow and either Inter Milan or Bayern Munich is going to win it. For my part, I can’t with a straight face say I would have called this as the final before the season, nor would have even picked one of these teams to make it this far. In reality, these were two clubs that I fancied playing against, who I thought lacked in opposite ends of the field to the point where they wouldn’t be able to outclass the field to get here.

But the English teams, Barcelona, Lyon … all long gone now. They run along at the back of the pack, eliminated from a race just about to meet its end.

So who wins?

Great question. To be truthful, I don’t have a clear answer. I can make an argument for Inter’s defense carrying the day, but I’m not sure they can shut down Bayern’s attack. I can make an argument that Inter won’t do enough offensively, but I’m not sure Bayern can shut them down.

So in the end, I’ll go with what I know. I’ll go with the Special One. Beyond any other (more) reasonable analysis, when I close my eyes and see the game, I don’t see his club losing. By hook or by crook, by regulation result or penalties, I think Inter wins this thing tomorrow. I don’t think it’ll be a blowout … it’ll be tense, as a European final should be.

But I think Inter wins. 2-1.

It’s the final, and it’s all to play for in the contest, as well. It’s 160 points for nailing the exact score and winner; 80 points for winner + margin; 40 points for just the winner. It’s also 160 for calling a draw and the exact score; 80 for calling a draw with a different score.

Even if you haven’t been here all season, don’t shy away from posting your picks now – it’s only the most important game of the season. .

Aaron’s doughnut on the last matchday cost him a chance to win, as he sits 161 points off the lead. That leaves Nica1004 and Regular Guy as the ones who can catch me on this final day. However, there are still 6 players alive in the race for the Signed Fighting Talker Soccer Ball, since neither me nor Aaron can win it.

Picks are due by 2:45 p.m. Eastern Saturday. You can see the game live on your local Fox affiliate, or on tape delay tomorrow evening on Fox Soccer Channel.

Good luck, everyone.

1) 401 – writered21
2) 280 – RegularGuy
3) 267 – nica1004
4) 240 – Aaron Stollar
5) 205 – Lowecifer
6) 167 – FlashMan
7) 121 – dkstones
8) 120 – Forza La Juve
9) 95 – tomwilhelm
10) 60 – AAMM
11) 40 – WhitesBhoy
12) 25 – BusbyBoy74
13) 20 – Stathmaster
14) 16 – FFCinPCB
15) 10 – MyManMyNigs
16) 5 – RandyNA
17) 0 – b4rcelona


5 thoughts on “And so, here we are. The UEFA Champions League Prediction Contest – The Final

  1. I haven’t done this yet but hey why not, I think without Ribery Bayern can’t win so I am going to go Inter 3 Bayern 1.

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