Seattle fans embarrass themselves with talk of anti-referee protests


According to Bill, Seattle fans are talking about wearing black as part of some big protest because of the bogus PK call that cost them on Thursday night against Toronto.

To that I say, BOO HOO.

Seattle fans need to sack up, get their underoos untwisted, and shut the hell up. Why?

Because the referees in MLS are terrible and make mistakes all the time. I know this will confuse most Sounders fans, who didn’t realize there was a “Major Soccer League” until Drew Carey and Paul Allen told them so, but understand this Sounders fans: The referees have stunk in this league for a long time, and just because you think your blue and day-glow green turds don’t smell, doesn’t make the refs stink any less when they officiate Seattle matches.

Every team up-and-down the ladder of American soccer fans has to deal with the fact that currently there isn’t a single US ref even at the level of Brian Hall or anywhere near the level of Esse Baharmast. That’s why I am absolutely positive that I speak for fans of every single other pro team from the top of MLS to the bottom of USL2, when I tell every single Seattle fans rending their garments over the PK call to listen very closely to the man in uniform below:

That is all.


26 thoughts on “Seattle fans embarrass themselves with talk of anti-referee protests

  1. I agree with you. I’m so sick of this corporate Sounders Fans claiming they are the league. Bad officiating has been plaguing the soccer landscape stateside for decades. Where were all these 35k sounder fans when they were trolling in the USL? POSERS!

  2. Corporate Sounders fans?

    Uh oh. I fear where this is going.

    EDIT: I see you’re a Chivas USA fan. Because there isn’t anything corporate about a team from another country setting up an affiliate in a foreign league to capitalize on a larger market.

  3. MLS refs suck. They’ve sucked for a long time. So Sounders fans should not complain.

    That’s your argument??

  4. Yes. That’s my argument.

    MLS refs do on average stink. They stink for everyone. They stink for anyone. They stink against your team. They stink in favor of your team. They stink in daytime. They stink at night. They stink on grass. They stink on turf.

    It’s going to be years, maybe decades until we see a cadre of quality match-tested officials emerge from the USSF. It takes time to develop talented refs just like it takes times to develop talented players.

    Plus, it’s not as if the USSF is doing nothing. They’ve made some “top” referees full-time, that didn’t help. They now regularly name and same bad calls on the USSF web site. That doesn’t help all that much either.

    Of course, there are other ways that MLS/USSF could try to improve the officiating of play on the field, but I don’t see Don Garber and Sunil Gulati banging on FIFA’s door to try and get video replay instituted.

    There is no point complaining. It’s like complaining that seawater is salty or that it’s hot in August in Atlanta.

    We get it. We know.

    Shut up.

  5. Just out of curiosity, where was your indignation when these same refs — who are assigned by the USSF — were screwing the USL Sounders?

  6. “Just out of curiosity, where was your indignation when these same refs — who are assigned by the USSF — were screwing the USL Sounders?”

    Plenty of Sounders fans were pissed off then, but there weren’t front page blog posts on Bigsoccer regarding the USL Sounders. Thus, you wouldn’t have seen my/our indignation.

    Dont be pissed off when your team is wronged-we’re all wronged.

    This is your argument, and it’s a stupid one.

  7. As a fellow referee, I’ll admit the officiating in MLS is poor. Keep in mind that even FIFA and UEFA level referees have day jobs too. Soccer refereeing is especially difficult because the Laws are vague in language and require some interpretation. According to the Law, a “hand ball” does not exist. An infraction only exists when “a player handles the ball deliberately.” Also understand how difficult it is for U.S. referees to find quality games. A large number of top-level leagues games simply do not exist like in other countries which makes advancement difficult. Most referees can’t justify traveling great distances for the games they need to upgrade their licenses, especially when they have jobs, families, etc.

  8. Exactly. The rest of us have forgotten five time more bad calls than the Sounders’ fans have seen. It’s part of sport.

  9. I absolutely agree that bad calls are part of the game. But it’s ridiculous to suggest that Sounders fans should “shut the hell up” and not complain simply because the bad officiating had been going on before SSFC joined the league.

  10. Complain. By all means. Christ, we do all the time.

    But you getting screwed isn’t somehow more important or egregious than what we’ve all endured over the years, and a mass-scale protest suggests that you guys think it is.

  11. I’ll admit that a “protest” goes a little overboard, but why would anyone who supports an MLS team be concerned if the biggest fan base of any team in the league gets vocal about the level of officiating.

    The bigger question is why more MLS fans aren’t as vocal.

  12. It isn’t concern. It’s amusement. We’ve been complaining FOREVER. It does no good. You might as well dress up 36,000 people and complain about the weather.

    There’s no magic solution. No matter how much the Big Green Seattle Wave of Awesomeness wants there to be one.

  13. Ok, Sounders fans, I have a proposition. You get the points that you lost thanks to the bad PK call, but you have to give up the points you gained thanks to Fucito’s goal against KC.


  14. Funny thing is that last week the director of referee singled out Seattle’s game winning goal against KC as one that should not have been allowed.…zes-calls-week

    But Seattle fans didn’t make any noise until they were on the wrong end of it. So, to make the protests go away, the ref’s should just give Seattle all the calls, right? That’s what it’s really about after all.

  15. to be honest you are one of the worst bloggers, and you keep intoxicating us with your ignorance…clearly, soccer is not your sport. Although, I thing it’s stupid for the Sounders fans to protest after a couple of games, a protest against the refs and who trains/hires them is needed. Most of them suck, and most of them mess up the games. I don’t wanna watch a bunch of games screwed up by the refs. This is not WWE. I am sure you are a fan of that, and since you don’t understand soccer, you think it’s ok to have a bunch of dumb refs. Your logic is pretty much that “if they do mess up for all the teams, it’s all good”. If you live in a country where the leader is a ruthless dictator, you would oppose a revolution, because “every citizen of that country lives in terror and poverty, not just some”….Just stop writing nonsense for once!

  16. Wouldn’t Seattle fans protesting only help the league? If it shoves it in the leagues face and they have to address it doesn’t it help every team? The answer is yes, if you can get over your anti-Sounders rhetoric to see the truth.

    Also the Thursday game was in Dallas Jackass…

  17. No, actually, the answer is “no.”

    Let’s make the ridiculous, absurd, laughable assumption that your little protest somehow gets Garber’s attention — what then? What exactly is supposed to happen? Stop giving referee assignments to Vaughn, Geiger, Weyland, Toledo, Okulaja, and the whole hee-haw gang? And who gets the assignments, then? Are you under some illusion there’s some kind of underulitized pool of great referees out there, sitting at home hoping their phones will ring with a call from the USSF or the League? Yes, the referees in MLS are *awful*; but despite being awful, they’re as good as it gets here. They get MLS assignments because they made it through a many-years-long, exhaustive series of assignments, evaluations, promotions, etc. Of course they’re bad; but you aren’t going to find better in North America. If you got rid of them, you’d be replacing them with people who are even worse.

    So the only solution is to improve referee development in this country, and there isn’t any short-term solution to that. Got ideas on how to improve things? Great. But a “protest” is extra-stupid.

  18. Exactly. I don’t know what’s so difficult to understand about this.

    If you guys in green were protesting trying to let Garber know you wanted promotion/relegation, or single table, or something about the playoff format, or whatever… whether the league agreed with you or not; whether they wound up making changes or not — at least then you’d be speaking your mind on something that the league could actually do something ABOUT. I don’t think it’s a reach to think that years of noise from MLS die-hards had something to do with the clock counting up and the shootout dying out. Garber wanted the clock change so badly he didn’t even wait for the next season to start — he just showed up at MLS Cup and said “by the way — the clock’s counting up today.”

    But getting better referees isn’t a problem that can be fixed just by a vote. It’s a long-term fix that has no real formula.

  19. At risk of using diction that might get me branded “eurosnob,” since “newbie” or “Sounders bandwagon” doesn’t apply to me (those of us who live in other Washington cities have our own lower division teams to support), oh, you lot do go on. This demonstration thingy is largely ignored in the Sounders fan base. You can go on and on as long as you like needling (“trolling” and “flaming” work the same) to get a fanboy to say what you want him to say, but it profiteth nothing. Ok, if getting to feel superior to our most overwrought youngsters somehow adds value to your life, then, perhapseth, it profiteth a very, very little.

  20. Boy oh boy do the Seattle fans have a rude awakening coming. If they think things are bad in MLS, wait till they get to go play at say, Municipal, as part of the CONCACAF Champions League.

    The moonscape pitches and insane refs will cause squealing and screeching that can be heard from outer space!

    Been there. Done that.

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