If DC United has lost these guys, it’s lost everyone

Steven Goff of the Washington Post and Beau Dure, formerly of USA Today and now of Sports Myriad, are two of the most respected soccer journalists in the country today. These guys are known for their near-total objectivity, even in their blog posts.

It takes a lot for these to start throwing barbs around, so that’s why I am a bit taken aback to see them starting to up the DC United-aimed snark and negativity on their respective sites. Look at these examples:

Goff from today:
Goff from Sunday:
Dure on Sunday:
Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think there is one iota wrong with anything said above. I just think that it’s striking that DC has fallen so far where even the evenhanded, non-flamethrowing guys the club deems worth of a credential (unlike some others…) have started taking their shots.

And just think, this is only after three weeks of the season.


16 thoughts on “If DC United has lost these guys, it’s lost everyone

  1. I’m glad to see someone else is picking up the drum beat regarding player acquisition and talent identification as the core problem. While I don’t think Onalfo is the next coming of the Special 1, I don’t really know that it matters who is coaching this collection of players right now.

  2. That’s been my view since day 1 of Onalfo’s hiring. Onalfo may not be great, but he’s not the primary issue.

  3. Glad Beau pointed that Najar play out. I was watching a choppy feed with no sound, so I didn’t believe what I saw — I think it was called out for a corner anyway?

    I’m with you guys — its the players on the field, not the coaching. Let’s see what happens with the supposed cap space this summer.

  4. That comparison doesn’t even make any sense.

    1) Leeds never had to relocate.

    B) The core issue isn’t about money with regard to talent identification. There are plenty of players who are good in MLS who can be had for very little relative to the salary cap. And in terms of general operations, it’s not as if United are the only club losing money (in all likelihood) in the league.

    III) Leeds won 3 league games in April.


    DC supporters deserve better from the pitch and from their local gov’t. I am rooting for DC…well, off the pitch.

  6. Last year I said that it would probably be a blessing that DCU weren’t going to be involved in any international play. I’m fully prepared to sit through a transitional season, but this team isn’t transitioning towards anything but impotent mediocrity.

    Aside from Castillo, the new signings have seemed oddly out of place to me. Even before the losing streak started, I had misgivings about the makeup of the squad. Is the team secretly in financial trouble or something?

  7. Do we know exactly what happened with Richie Williams? He’s been known to get results with clubs that seem dreadful under the guys he’s interimized for.

  8. The biggest problem DC United faces is that they have a coach who failed miserably with and was fired by the Wizards just last year. Look at KC now. They are a much-improved team. DC? Well, they’re stuck in a rut with Curt Onalfo.

  9. Well I can’t disagree, obviously, I just meant that it was the kind of signing that made sense to me as opposed to, say, Allsopp or Adam Cristman

  10. Apologies to you hardcore DC fans, but I hope they keep doing awful. I’m going to my first MLS game at RFK on Oct 9 and the worse they are, the cheaper I can get those tickets.

  11. not really they tend to sell it for even more like when i went last yr when they were bad took my 2 yr old nephew to the game they charged me full price for him not even youth ticket i then told my friend tge story and they told me i got ripped

  12. Yeah, team record only affects ticket price in the long haul. Several years of winning tended to be followed by price increases, but a few months of losing probably isn’t going to lead to dramatically reduced ones.

  13. Mark my words – this is chapter one in moving the team out of DC. The ownership group stands to lose virtually nothing but pride here. Watch it unfold.

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