I don’t want Edson buddle anywhere near South Africa…

Here’s why:

Sure, Edson Buddle can thrive in the early part of MLS’ near-meaningless regular season.

Sure, Edson Buddle can thrive while playing only one of four matches outside Home Depot Center.

Sure, Edson Buddle can thrive while Landon Donovan is running around midfield unmolested by opposing defenders.

Sure, Edson Buddle can thrive while he’s leading a team that even one of their biggest fans said would stink.

But what happens when Buddle gets into a US team, that for better or worse, has some expectations attached to it? What happens when Buddle or, more importantly Donovan, get marked out out of a match by some English or Slovenian guy, and service is reduced to a trickle? What happens with Buddle is inserted into the England match with 10 minutes left and the US down by a goal?

The questions about Edson Buddle have never been about his ability to score when it doesn’t matter. The question is about his abilty to score when it does matter – when it truly counts and when he truly is being relied upon.

Let’s remember his 2010 playoffs with LA. Do you remember them? Probably not, as he tossed up a zero goals in 375 min. goose egg during the Galaxy’s finals run. What’s so odd is that the Galaxy went to the finals last year, so clearly someone was playing well. Plus, with Donovan and Beckham on the field at that point, you’d think he’d have been able to latch on to some passes. But no, he kept up his Chris Webber routine.

This isn’t a new phenomenon either. Prior to last season, in 371 playoff minutes with Columbus, Buddle scored only twice. Folks, that gives him a MLS playoff total scoring rate of two goals in 746 minutes or one goal every four matches.

This is the guy you want when the US is down a goal in the World Cup and needing a clutch goal?

Give me a break.


16 thoughts on “I don’t want Edson buddle anywhere near South Africa…

  1. wow so the only anti-Buddle post gets the side-bar service while Loney’s mea culpa on Buddle takes front page? I agree largely with this… but who else do we have? Jozy/Herc/Ching/Davies- that would be my 4 but 2 of those are hurt right now. Woe is us….

  2. Would you rather see EJ? Listen, no one in their right minds expects Edson Buddle to take home the Golden Boot in South Africa, but if he’s still doing this when camp times roles around, it’ll warrant a look from the coaching staff, who probably have a bit better an understanding of who should and shouldn’t make the squad than a few bloggers. Let’s keep in mind that against Salt Lake, basically the whole back line was in Buddle’s a****** the whole game, and he still bagged a brace. I’d say a whole back line of bodies in MLS is at least equal to a Slovenian or Algerian marker, huh?

  3. If a player who has scored exactly ONE goal in the EPL all season is a lock for the World Cup squad, then a player on a hot streak in MLS should also make the team.

  4. And your alternative is… who, exactly?

    A rehabbing Davies?
    A rehabbing Ching?
    Casey? Findley? Cunningham? EJ?

    It’s all well and good to pile on Buddle for past shortcomings. Fine. But if you’re going to do so, you have to at least tell us who would be better. Cause right now, I ain’t seeing anyone standing out among any of the forwards who “helped” us during qualifying.

  5. Fair enough, everyone’s entitled to their opinion.

    Davies? I would think one would want to see him actually, you know, PLAY again before penciling him in before an in-form Buddle.

    Ching? The only one that I think might be a better pick, IF he’s fully healthy again by that point.

    Casey? You could go up to your blog post, substitute Casey’s name for Buddle’s, and almost have the exact same post. The only difference? One of them is scoring goals right now, and the other one isn’t (PK’s notwithstanding.)

    Bottom line, I don’t think you’ve buttressed your argument much.

  6. When Herc was playing with Donovan he was dreadful. Now Buddle is playing well with Donovan. Our squad is built around Landon, so you may as well team him up with someone he’s playing well with 2 months before the tournament. Sure Buddle’s career has been less stellar that Eddie Johnson, who’d fallen off the map almost entirely. If the England match was tomorrow, with our lack of depth and injury situation, I’d be starting Buddle up top. I see it as a great advantage to be able to field club teammates who are playing well together going into a tournament.

  7. A. That’s a bit strong.
    B. Apples and oranges.

    At the moment, Herc looks the better trequartista, and Donovan doesn’t play that position these days for the Nats, anyway. It’s probably a question of who do you pair with Jozy at striker? I say Herc. Next question is who do you bring as a sub for Jozy? Ching plays nicely in the sandbox with the other children (for the Nats; he mostly gets thrown out of games for Houston lately), but EB has the hot touch.

  8. Bluh? He tore it up in 2005.

    He was terrible the year after, but there’s only so much you can do to overcome both Steve Sampson and Frank Yallop.

  9. So his previous playoff scoring rate was a goal every other game, and you purposefully omit his injury and just getting back to health last year as you trot out career playoff numbers. It is a weak argument, especially in the face of what he is doing right now.

    And what he is doing right now is what matters.

    The fact is an exceptionally talented US striker is fully engaged, working hard, and scoring goals. People who know something about World Cup soccer are publicly calling him out for his work ethic and talent.

  10. hahah i find it funny u would want to see conor casey rather than buddle!!!! casey hasnt one good minute for the USMNT

    its abot how someone played 4 years ago. it is about how good they are right now. buddle gomez for WORLD CUP

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