UEFA Champions League Prediction Thread – 3/30/10

The UEFA Champions League returns Tuesday afternoon with the first leg of a pair of quarterfinal matches.

As usual, with a new round brings a new points structure for the prediction contest. Now, it’s 40 points for the winner and exact final score, 20 points for winner and margin, 10 points for just having the winner. Obviously, no lead is safe.

Here are Tuesday’s matches:

* Bayern Munich vs. Manchester United: Bayern is going to be no easy foe for United, but if they are going to advance, they’d be wise to pile up some goals here. I think Munich is going to find a very tough go of it at Old Trafford in the second leg, as it appears the reigning English champions have almost made European glory their top objective after missing out in last year’s final. I find it hard to predict, though, that Munich is going to romp United in this spot. 2-2 DRAW.

* Lyon vs. Bordeaux: Bordeaux lead a jumbled pack of clubs in France, with Lyon settled in fifth, but just two points out. I’m not sure many people felt either of these sides would still be around at this point – let alone playing each other for a spot in the semifinals. Good for them, however, as their continued involvement and strong play is a bit of a breath of fresh air. I don’t think they’ll be much between them Tuesday, but I can’t pick both games as draws. 2-1 LYON.

Enter picks in the comments section below. Both matches kick off at 2:45 p.m. Eastern. There will also be two matches on Wednesday, so stay tuned.

Here are the standings for the season so far.

1) 271 – writered21
2) 210 – RegularGuy
3) 180 – Aaron Stollar
4) 177 – nica1004
5) 121 – dkstones
6) 97 – FlashMan
7) 95 – tomwilhelm
8) 85 – Lowecifer
9) 20 – Stathmaster
10) 16 – FFCinPCB
11) 15 – BusbyBoy74
t12) 10 – MyManMyNigs
t12) 10 – Forza La Juve
14) 5 – RandyNA
15) 0 – AAMM


11 thoughts on “UEFA Champions League Prediction Thread – 3/30/10

  1. I only saw about 30 minutes of it, so while I do have some thoughts, it wouldn’t be completely fair to rip the team having not been able to take in the entire match.

  2. Once again, nica1004 wallops the rest of the pack. Her correct 3-1 call on Lyon over Bordeaux gave her 40 points for the day. BusbyBoy74, FlashMan, and I were the only others to score at all, getting 10 points for having Lyon as a winner.

    Hell, sans Bayern’s late winner, Nica would dropped an 80-burger on us today, though that would have given others points, as well.

    Better luck to all tomorrow.

    Here are the new standings.

    1) 281 – writered21
    2) 217 – nica1004
    3) 210 – RegularGuy
    4) 180 – Aaron Stollar
    5) 121 – dkstones
    6) 107 – FlashMan
    7) 95 – tomwilhelm
    8) 85 – Lowecifer
    9) 25 – BusbyBoy74
    10) 20 – Stathmaster
    11) 16 – FFCinPCB
    t12) 10 – MyManMyNigs
    t12) 10 – Forza La Juve
    14) 5 – RandyNA
    15) 0 – AAMM

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