Beau Dure is leaving USA Today

I see today that Beau Dure is leaving USA Today to start his own website and spend more time with his family. He’s one of the best people in soccer journalism and I wish him all the best.


20 thoughts on “Beau Dure is leaving USA Today

  1. It’s probably good, though, because USA Today really buried him. My guess is that we get more good stuff when he’s on his own.

  2. he’s allegedly writing a book on MLS…maybe he’s taking some time to finish that book before embarkign on the next phase of his career….

  3. Finished proof-reading on Sunday. Book is out in May.

    But another one would be nice.

    Thanks to all for the nice comments.

  4. Mind giving us a hint what it’s about specifically?

    That aside, its a pity USA Today had to lose one of the few people that talk soccer often. I really wish USAT would have more soccer coverage. I mean there are so many stories to talk about and they dedicate pages to NASCAR (I’d put money that there are as many if not more soccer fans in this country than NASCAR)

    Good luck in your endeavors Mr. Dure, hopefully you’ll write some excellent soccer books, lord knows this country needs them.

  5. He didn’t say MLS fans. How many people have come to the US from Mexico or Central America in the last 30 years? And what fraction of them care about soccer?

  6. I’m looking forward to his book as well. As far as what’s it’s about, maybe this is a hint?

    [ame=”″] Long-Range Goals: The Success Story of Major League Soccer (9781597975094): Beau Dure: Books[/ame]

  7. You can pre-order it at Amazon already.


    Best of luck, Beau!

    EDIT: I see someone beat me to it…oh well, call it saturation marketing.

  8. FYP.

    I wonder, however, whether the actual final draft should wait until …. oh, I don’t know … until AFTER March 26??

  9. i’m not sure that’s the best book title to be coming in the year of a strike. hopefully there won’t be one…

    edit: o, i see they were just commenting on that… good luck beau!!!!

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