Of course the future of sports broadcasting is online

I love this piece EPL Talk linked to that speaks in wonderous tones to the fact that lots of soccer matches are being televised on the internet (some exclusively) including those in the Champions League. The piece reminds me of this great Simpsons line where Homer exclaims with great innocence, “They have the internet on computers now!”

Of course, the future of soccer, and of all sports broadcasting, will include lots of online broadcasts. You don’t really need to be a futurist to noodle this through.

As evidenced by its live online distribution of the World Cup and other FIFA Tournaments, ESPN has clearly grasped this. That’s great for US viewers. Whether the rest of soccer’s traditionally luddite leadership understands this is a different question all together.


4 thoughts on “Of course the future of sports broadcasting is online

  1. My internet provider just recently got access to ESPN 360. It is awesome. No more stolen feeds with terrible picture and sound for me! I don’t feel the need to pay for cable so finally being able to watch a number of soccer games, both foreign and domestic, without having to walk to the nearest soccer bar is great. I can’t wait for this kind of service to get expanded even more so.

  2. I’ve had 360 for a while now, and honestly the picture is as bad as on any less legit feed, at least at my (mid-level) download speed. BUT I don’t have to worry about the stream being shut down every 5 minutes.

    Unfortunately the EPL isn’t on 360, though.

  3. does anyone know if the World Cup is going to be broadcast online for free in Canada? i watched the confed cup on CBC.ca/sports last year and I’m wondering if they will do it this year.

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