Who clutters Bigsoccer with more nonsense, a spambot or SoccerReform.us?

Some spambot named “Rayhal” has decided to flood Bigsoccer’s blog system with some spam. That’s not any good.

But, after reading his “free health tips,” GRE tips, and solicitation for immigration services, I’ve decided that we shouldn’t necessarily delete all the spam posts immediately. Let’s give the spam bot a chance. Or maybe, let’s ask it what it thinks of the MLS labor dispute.

After all, the spam bot makes a lot more sense than anything the Soccerreform.us guy ever has had to say.


18 thoughts on “Who clutters Bigsoccer with more nonsense, a spambot or SoccerReform.us?

  1. The guy had an epic 6 consecutive posts in that thread of his that has a mile-long title in the Soccer in the USA (a.k.a. Playground for Newbs and Insane Lost-Causers) thread.

    He seems to not realize that the pro/rel model (so-called “open” by him) has, for the most part, been closing over the last 15-20 years to produce a relatively static set of super clubs followed by everyone else, which is basically a closed system with tokens thrown about to the Wigans of the world.

    And he thinks this is the key to exploding popularity in the US. Jesus.

  2. He’s simply the latest in a long and glorious tradition of BigSoccer perennial pains in the ass.

    It’s a syndrome that begins with the sure and certain knowledge that you are 100% correct and are incapable of error.

    Therefore, there is no need to actually read, digest, consider or even pay attention to whatever anyone else posts.

    You simply glance over someone else’s post until you verify that – incredibly – they disagree with your point of view. What they actually said about it is utterly irrelevant.

    All contrarian posts are responded to using the exact same arguments, the exact same “reasoning” and the exact same arrogance. Usually using the exact same phraseology.

    The problem as he sees it, isn’t that there are pros and cons, only that he is right and youa re wrong and if you would only a) read his posts more carefully or b) get yourself an actual brain, you would see the crystalline logic and highly polished brilliance of his position.

    I do so miss SoccerTV.

  3. I’d love to see someone post the numbers on how static the top divisions in Europe have become. For every Hoffenheim (or Newcastle, in the other direction), there are 5 or more yo-yo teams that find their way back whence they came within 2 years (at most – and hell, Newcastle looks good to become a first year yo-yo).

  4. Can we make this comment required reading for anyone posting in the MLS CBA thread? (Or anywhere in MLS N&A, for that matter?)

    I used to argue with creationists and 9/11 conspiracy theorists on another message board and I’m starting to get that familiar feeling…

  5. Soccerreform is RIGHT! single entity sux, and 9-11 was an inside job!
    he’s just wrong about everything else…

  6. He’s right. We do need promotion and relegation…on Big Soccer! He should be required to spend at least six months posting on Little Soccer before getting promoted to these boards.

  7. Brilliant!!!

    This thread is right on. The problem is, he’s going to see his name on the title, and he’s going to get a raging hard-on and keep right on going.

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