Arsene Wenger to blame for Ramsey, Eduardo injuries

In the wake of the shocking double ankle fracture suffered by Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey after an overly-aggressive challenge by Stoke’s Ryan Shawcross, I’ve read articles placing the blame all over the place. Some have chosen to blame the media, others have chosen to blame the “get stuck in” culture of English soccer. Interestingly though, I haven’t heard anyone place blame on someone who has some of the blame, and even blood, on his hands as well. That person is Arsene Wenger.

Let me start with the blame tossed at the media saying that the press plays up the belief that Arsenal “doesn’t like to get kicked” and that Arsenal “‘Arsenal don’t like it up ’em.”

Let me tell you something as a long time Arsenal supporter. This current Arsenal team doesn’t like to get kicked and doesn’t like it up ’em, one bit. That is simply true. Teams like Stoke, Bolton, Sunderland, and on and on have been successful against Arsenal by playing them physically and seeking to intimidate. There is no denying that.

Here’s where Arsene Wenger comes in. Rather than whining about how the referees don’t protect your players, how about you protect your players, Arsene? This is where Wenger bears more than a small bit of responsibility. Where are the players on this roster who can intimidate reckless hacks like Shawcroft or Martin Taylor into pulling out of challenges or thinking twice about making them in the first place?

The answer is, they are not out there.

Arsenal hasn’t had anyone with the ability to physically or emotionally intimidate anyone since Vieira left in 2005 and Keown left in 2004. They had the ability to intimidate opposition players and make them think twice about “taking liberties” against Arsenal players.

Why are these players not there? Because Arsene Wenger hasn’t signed them. Wenger sits atop his Gallic high horse and says “we will not stoop to play like that.” Well guess what, Arsene? We’ve had five trophy-free seasons and three shocking near-career-ending injuries to our players. So how is that “ethos” working out for us?

If Wenger had bothered to secure a real defensive midfield weapon during the last three seasons rather than subject us to Denilson, Diaby, et al trying to survive there, maybe we wouldn’t face this. Maybe Ramsey’s ankle or Eduardo’s leg would have remained in once piece.

If Wenger wants to protect our players, then he needs protect our players. The constant expulsion of hot air about the culture, or the referees, or the media won’t do it. If Wenger wants to protect his skill players, he needs to get players to protect his skilled players. It’s like the quote from The Untouchables. “They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue.”

While no one wants to see anyone sent to a morgue or hospital over a soccer match, Arsenal and Wenger won’t win a single thing unless they start to make opposition players worry that they could find themselves there.


18 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger to blame for Ramsey, Eduardo injuries

  1. I agree in that we need to have some stronger tacklers out there but do not support resorting to thuggery to send a message. That is utter crock Aaron. We had physical players and still do…Gilberto, Flamini, Lauren…how easily you forget?

    Among the current bunch, Bartley is a futhermuckin beast, Song and Vermaelen are hard players and Gallas can punch it out with just about anyone.

  2. I hate Arsenal and Wengerer, but this it just wrong. I bet you would Agree with the following statements; i beat my wife because she won’t defend her self. I bully the Ginger kid at school because he won’t fight back.

  3. Wow, have you ever this game?

    You logic is flawed and stinks of an individual that does not understand this game.

  4. Horribly flawed, quite frankly shameful logic, Aaron. Wenger to blame for not placing a few mixed-martial-arts-fighters in his starting XI? Umm…no. Let’s let footballers play football.

  5. IMHO – If anything, Aresenal seems to be lacking strength and height up front, not neccesarrily a thuggish protector on the field.

    Even with a few intimidators, less skilled teams are still going to be physical with the smaller Arsenal players. Nothing is going to stop that besides the refs cracking down on that sort of play.

    So let’s say Arsenal have Thug X on their team and the Shawcross tackle happened anyway. What is Thug X going to do? Put his studs thorugh a Stoke player’s head? Break a Stoke player’s leg? Give someone an Elbow and crack their skull? Nope.

  6. You’re right!!! We should sign Ben Thatcher, Joey Barton & Michael Brown! Then we’ll really have a chance at the league. Hell, with that amount of thuggary we might win the treble! (roll eyes)

  7. Yeah and if that doesn’t work lets hire real thugs and bruisers to go to other team’s players houses and beat them up! YEAH!

    LMAO, sorry I dont have to resort to sarcasm much but this is baaaad.

  8. I could not agree more.

    You don’t hear Fergie bleating about the physical nature of opponents. That’s because he has hard players in his line-up who won’t take it, and you won’t be a United player if you can’t take stick.

    Wenger has ruined that team and it will go on until he learns

  9. Who is this guy Aaron Stollar? Has he ever actually watched a top level match? And I don’t mean on TV or on Sopcast. And I don’t mean the MLS either. I hope for his sake that the answer is no, he hasn’t, because then at least he has some sort of excuse for holding such ridiculous opinions.

    And you wonder why we English have such a low opinion of you American “soccerball” commentators…

  10. This column is depressing. The author’s solution to horror tackles is to have the other team horror tackle back, as part of a mutually-assured-destruction strategy? It’s the manager’s fault for not using the same cynical tactics that are used on him?

    By this reasoning the proper way to deal with divers is to get a diver of your own to dive even harder than the other guy, just to show him you won’t put up with that.

    I rated this column one star because I couldn’t figure out how to rate it zero.

  11. Very funny logic, Aaron. Instead, Wenger should send the team on the field with baseball bats to protect themselves. That would be a more effective plan…

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