UEFA Champions League Prediction Contest – 2/24/10

Two more Round of 16 ties begin this afternoon, after a couple of matches yesterday that proved challenging for most. You can see the results in the comments from yesterday’s thread.

Here’s a look at today’s schedule:

* Inter v. Chelsea: Well this is one that more than a couple people are looking forward to, I imagine. Can’t seem to remember why. … But the only thing that real matters are the teams on the field, and as much as I hate to admit it, there’s an edge for Chelsea here, I think. Not a big one, and not one that is going to lead to some kind of lopsided scoreline today. Even if outclassed, you wouldn’t figure Inter to post a complete stinker at home. But I do think Chelsea does what it needs to do here to make the second leg much more comfortable. 2-1 CHELSEA.

* CSKA Moscow v. Sevilla: While no one was picking Sevilla to win La Liga, they were a bit of a trendy pick to take second if one of the powerhouses fell off a bit this season. That hasn’t happened, and Sevilla hasn’t lived up to billing, despite sitting fourth in the table – 16 points back of Barcelona, and four back of third-placed Valencia. Most teams would take 13-7-3 and move on, but it’s probably a bit disappointing for this side. I can’t say I know much about CSKA, but I have to think of the road matches Sevilla could have drawn here, this might not have been their favorite. I’m going to give CSKA a shooter’s chance in this one, but Sevilla will have an edge into the second leg. 2-2 DRAW.

NOTE: This match kicks off at 12:30 p.m. Eastern.

Remember, it’s 20 points for getting the exact result; 10 for having the winner and margin; 5 for simply having the winner.

Picks for the CSKA-Sevilla match are due by 12:30 p.m. Eastern. Picks for Inter-Chelsea are due by 2:45 p.m. Eastern.

Below are the current standings. Good luck!

1) 241 – writered21
2) 190 – RegularGuy
3) 165 – Aaron Stollar
4) 122 – nica1004
5) 101 – dkstones
6) 85 – tomwilhelm
7) 70 – Lowecifer
8) 57 – FlashMan
9) 16 – FFCinPCB
t10) 10 – BusbyBoy74
t10) 10 – MyManMyNigs
12) 5 – RandyNA
13) 0 – Stathmaster


10 thoughts on “UEFA Champions League Prediction Contest – 2/24/10

  1. * Inter v. Chelsea: 3-2 Chelsea

    * CSKA Moscow v. Sevilla: 1-0 Moscow

    Do I get bonus points if I get a tooth pulled today? *Bambi eyes*

  2. Here are the results for the day:

    40 – FlashMan (it’s a Perfect Game!!! … Nice job.)
    20 – dkstones, stathmaster17,
    10 – tomwilhelm, writered21,
    0 – Lowecifer, Aaron Stollar, nica1004

    Here are the Season Standings. With point values doubling each round, there’s still plenty of time to make up ground.

    1) 251 – writered21
    2) 190 – RegularGuy
    3) 165 – Aaron Stollar
    4) 122 – nica1004
    5) 121 – dkstones
    6) 97 – FlashMan
    7) 95 – tomwilhelm
    8) 70 – Lowecifer
    9) 20 – Stathmaster
    10) 16 – FFCinPCB
    t11) 10 – BusbyBoy74
    t11) 10 – MyManMyNigs
    13) 5 – RandyNA

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