OMG! I like something about the NASL!

<a href="; title="Adam Nowland models the new Rowdies home jersey.
on Twitpic”><img src="; width="150" height="150" alt="Adam Nowland models the new Rowdies home jersey.
on Twitpic”><a href="; title="And Julian Valentin with the road uniform.
on Twitpic”><img src="; width="150" height="150" alt="And Julian Valentin with the road uniform.
on Twitpic”>

As rare as it is for me to say something nice about the USSF-2D/NASL/USL/A-League/USISL and its various media and internet cronies, I must admit that I love the half-throwback/half-modern shirts that Tampa Bay introduced yesterday. Great colors and they’ve kept the throwback elements subtle while keeping an overall modern look.

H/T to Kenn’s tweet.


16 thoughts on “OMG! I like something about the NASL!

  1. I hate the team name on the front, though that was common back in the day. But great colors, grat pattern, etc. I used to live in that area, so I look forward to seeing that team emerge.

  2. Remove the “Tampa Bay” or at least replace it with a sponsor name and we’re in business. I hope the other NASL designs go this route.
    For some reason these jerseys make me think of pear or sour apple saltwater taffy…

  3. They do have a sponsor on the front of their jerseys. they are advertising themselves. Which is not a bad thing to do in your first year of existence, in case you get your picture in the paper people will know who you are. (If some company had paid more than that exposure is worth, I’m sure the team would have taken the deal.)

    Arsenal doesn’t need their name on their jerseys, everybody knows who they are.

  4. The A-League was an independent Div 2 league in the 90s in the U.S. The USL (formerly the USISL, etc…) had a “Pro League” that was Division 3.

    At some point in the late 90s/early 00s, the A-League merged into the USL umbrella with many of the USISL div 3 teams joining the new A-League, which was eventually renamed the USL Division 1.

    And, that’s a simplified version. Reality is much more complex. If you’re really interested, Dave Litterer has all those details and more:

  5. The nomenclature is all screwed up here in the US. USSF Division 2 pretend-relegates to USL Division 2. That boy (called North America) just ain’t right.

  6. It’s pretty funny that the Rowdies’ colors just happen to match exactly with those of the Manyoo fans’ “LUHG” campaign against Tampa’s own Glazer family.

  7. I’d like someone (perhaps on the Uniwatch blog) to make NASL uniforms of the original teams, but with just a badge and what the sponsor/backer of the team back in the day was.

    For example, the Cosmos would have the Warner Communications logo on the front, or the A&M Records logo on the Philadelphia Fury kit.

  8. I like them too. Will look forward to see what the full kit looks like. Green shorts and yellow socks would be excellent.

  9. I just don’t get why folks are obsessed with a sponsor on the front of the shirt. I buy them sponsor free whenever possible….

    “I’d prefer it if I were a walking billboard for some product besides the team, and the company who made the shirt……..”

  10. Don’t worry, even when the A-League existed a lot of soccer fans had never heard of it.

    I remember in youth soccer in the early-mid 90s our teams were all named things like the Rowdies and the Timbers and the Sockers and the Whitecaps and the Chiefs, which (I realized much later) were imitations of how Little League had the Yankees and Orioles and Cubs and so on. I don’t know if a single kid on any of these teams knew where the names came from. Periodically I would wonder what the heck “Timbers” in particular was supposed to mean.

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