What should Capello do with John Terry?

In the wake of the court decision allowing the John Terry-Wayne Bridge revelations to come out, England has erupted into a debate of what to do with John Terry.

Some argue that Terry should be stripped of his captaincy, others argue he might have to be kicked off the England team. There should be no doubt that what Terry (who’s married) did, bedding a teammate’s girlfriend, impregnating her, and then paying for her to get an abortion represents multiple violations of his teammates’ trust.

This latest news stymies Terry’s high-profile attempt to change his image from that of an idiotic playboy and lout. We should remember, this performance comes on the heels of Terry getting caught misbehaving while drunk in a hotel on September 11th, 2001 as distressed observers looked on. More recently, he was caught taking secret cash payments to take guests on tours of Chelsea’s training facility.

As dumb as England’s overly-entitled and under-educated soccer players are, even he had to know better than to sleep with a teammate’s girlfriend. But Terry didn’t. Either, because he’s just too dumb to figure it out, or because he knew that as an England player, nothing too serious would happen to him. He’s John Terry and thus, he really can’t be touched. First he tried to spend his way out of trouble, which he and his lawyers attempted to do by getting a court to issue a “super-injunction” preventing any media from revealing the affair, or even the fact there was an injunction. Now that the injunction has been lifted, Terry will likely still expect to avoid any consequences, because unless the law is directly involved, when do Premiership or England players ever face consequences? When is a Premiership player fined or suspended for violating team rules? It doesn’t happen and Terry knows it.

So, what should Fabio Capello do? If I were Capello, I’d use this as a teaching moment for England soccer’s continued culture of idiocy and strip Terry of the captaincy, boot Terry out of the England camp and suspend him from playing for his country until after the 2010 World Cup.

I should add that I don’t particularly care that he was cheating on his wife. That’s a personal matter for him and his family to deal with. The problem is that he cheated with someone that he surely knew was involved with an England teammate. That’s where this action crosses from something that isn’t really anyone’s business but Terry’s into a more Capello-relevant event.

Capello and English soccer at large should send a message that stupidity like this has consequences.

All that being said, I suspect Capello won’t do anything other than get Bridge and Terry in a room, make clear his “displeasure” and end it there. When it comes to England and the FA, it’s clear that the players and only the players call the shots in the England camp.


19 thoughts on “What should Capello do with John Terry?

  1. I am sure you would it if Terry was not facing you in the WC!

    It appears Bridge was not with the girl at the time of the affair as they had broken up. This is not an issue and should not affect his position within the squad.

  2. who cares? This has absolutely nothing to do with football, despite your attempts to make it such. As busbyboy74 noted above… Bridge wasn’t with her at the time. So this is really just an issue of infidelity. Doesn’t have anything to do with his ability on the pitch. Stop getting wrapped up in the gossip rags and sensationalism. Were you calling for Beckham’s head as well when the nanny allegations came out? Doubtful. Let England get themselves all worked up over this- it has no place on the pitch or regarding the captain’s armband

  3. My understanding is that the woman was Bridge’s ex. If so, Terry violated an unwritten man-code but that is nothing compared to his adultery. Of course, Terry’s adultery is no ground to discipline him either. If it were, professional sports clubs would struggle to field a complete team and sports owners only care about off-field behavior to the extent it negatively effects on-field performance.

    Terry is scum of the earth but Capello has no reason to take action against him.

  4. Terry should be stripped of his captaincy, for sure.

    The captain has to have good judgment and leadership characteristics, and John Terry is quite obviously lacking in this area.

    They don’t have to be a saint, but they shouldn’t be a complete idiot, either. John Terry is a complete idiot.

    But apart from that he should still play for England, assuming he’s healthy and in form.

  5. Why does the captain have to have those requirements? Is he making tactical changes? Does he have influence in the players called into camp? In Italy, the player with the highest number of caps wears the armband. It’s nothing more than an honor and sign of respect to a player to get the armband. Their judgement has little to do with it. So if Capello takes the captaincy from JT- what does that accomplish? Nothing.

  6. The captain, by definition, is an on-field leader. The captain should lead both vocally and by example.

    If the captain is a doofus, he won’t have the respect of the other players, and it can be detrimental to team chemistry and character.

    Otherwise, why else have a captain?

    Again, they don’t have to be saint, but they have to be someone the other guys can respect, and hopefully be inspired by.

  7. Donovan doesn’t wear the armband for the US. Do the other players ignore what he has to say? What about Tim Howard? He wears the armband for Everton- you think he’s able to coordinate the midfield on where to go? The armband is a symbol of respect for the player and an honor- it has no bearing on the ability to lead a team.

  8. As an American, I hope Terry stays as England captain. I want Terry to go down in history as the man who blew the penalty that cost Chelsea the Champions League and captained England to defeat against the United States.

    Of course, if he’d like to try to header a bullet before then, that would be cool with me, too.

  9. Maybe Terry will work out as a captain.

    One of the duties of the captain is to be the “liaison” between the ref and the other players.

    So when they dispute a call, Terry can go up to the ref and yell “gimmie that call or I’ll boink your wife, impregnate her, and pay for her abortion!”

    That’ll show ’em!

  10. I respectfully disagree. Normally he would probably keep the captain armband but this affects the whole team and it’s a distraction. The captain armband is more than just leading by example on the field, it is off the field as well. Especially when you have a player in Wayne Bridge, who although injured, might make the WC squad. The English captaincy is about class, respect, and being an ambassador for the game. I think he should still make the squad, because he is a great player but he has lost the trust of his teammates and the public. Captain armband should go to Gerrard, Rio, or Rooney.
    Also good news for team USA possibly.

  11. The discussion seems moot at this point as John Terry will ( I am told) resign his captaincy, and it looks like Capello will allow him however to stay on the team. My Italian friends say Capello will do this Italian way and kick him off the team–my sense is, that won’t happen. He needs Terry too badly… Upson is an OKAY replacement for Terry, but what if he goes down injured? Then who plays next to the out of fitness and form Rio Ferdinand….

    Check out my recent interview with Fabio Capello, where we discuss USA v England:

    Yours truly,

  12. Capello will ask him to resign and if he doesn’t he will remove him from the captaincy but not the squad. He will ask Bridge & Terry for the good of the squad and for team harmony to deal with the situation.

    The England captaincy is a position of great honor and the armband has been worn by some greats. That image will not be allowed to be tarnished. Terry can still be a leader on the field without the armband. Give it to Gerrard.

  13. Two blogs about Terry on BS and both incorrectly characterize this person as Bridge’s fiancee/girlfriend. She wasn’t; she was an ex-. Funnily enough folks don’t have veto power over who their ex-‘s sleep with.

  14. Definately incorrect facts, but it’s just a way that US fans can try to obtain some sort of edge going into the match with England. However they try to spin the topic, it won’t take away from the fact that England is going to cruise to victory come June, with or without Kieron Richardson..

  15. I’m not sure how this gives the USA an edge?? But hey, cruise to victory? Ask Spain about going into a game against the USA with an attitude like that. They may have some advice for you.

  16. John Terry dropped as England captain

    John Terry has been stripped of the England captaincy.

    Terry was axed during a 12-minute meeting with Fabio Capello at Wembley today

    There had been relief for Terry earlier in the day when lover Vanessa Perroncel, the ex-partner of Wayne Bridge, decided not to sell her story to a Sunday tabloid amid gossip that she had reached a financial arrangement with Terry.

    But that proved only temporary respite as Capello delivered his decision.


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