I’m heading up to the draft tomorrow

Believe it or not, tomorrow will be the first MLS Draft I’ve attended despite following this league from its inception. I’ve always wanted to get to one of these, but even when they were in Baltimore, I could never make it and the draft location sync my school, college, and/or work schedules. Thus, I am really looking forward to it, but if you want deep breakdowns of who’s going to go where, look elsewhere, because quite frankly, I have no idea.

I don’t pretend that I scout these players and of the players in Ives’ latest mock draft, I think I’ve seen maybe 6-7 on TV playing for their college or the US U20 team. of them, I have actual opinions on maybe three of them. So, I am heading to the draft more for the other dealing and to gather as much potential scuttle as I can about the labor situation. If you hear me call anyone “long” or say they have great “blow-by-ability,” a la Jay Bilas, you have permission to call me a complete moronic blowhard.

A note on coverage tomorrow. I am heading up there as a fan on the DC supporters’ bus, rather than as credentialed press, so I can’t guarantee any kind of live coverage. If I can find a plug and a wireless signal from the spectator area and/or can wrangle a late credential, then that might change and I’ll let you know both here and on Twitter. That also means it’s possible you won’t hear anything from me until the evening, when I get back to DC and have a chance to digest any interviews or events from the day.


4 thoughts on “I’m heading up to the draft tomorrow

  1. Get ripped in 4 weeks! And then it shows 3 frat bros taking their shirts off. Maybe you can go to the Jersey Shore after Philly.

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