Jeff Carlyle asks an important question

It’s the same thing I thought as I drove home from work tonight. (Bolded emphasis is mine):
Does the lack of Chicago hurt the strength of the overall bid?


6 thoughts on “Jeff Carlyle asks an important question

  1. Yes absolutely. Once again we have to sell this bill of goods to the World. When you leave out the Bay Area and Chicago and replace them with two lesser lights, sending your team and fans to that country becomes a lot less appealing.

  2. The Bay Area being left out, I’m ok with given the fact that the stadiums there are pathetic. However, Soldier Field, despite the smaller size is one of the best venues for a soccer match I’ve ever visited.

  3. The refurbished Stanford stadium is beautiful, and has hosted the likes of Chelsea, Inter Milan, and Club America in recent summers.

  4. Chicago is: a) the largest city between the two coasts; b) a central point for travel, from which one can reach anywhere in the continental US by air in 4 hours or less; c) a world class city in terms of culture, transport, hospitality; d) has successfully hosted world cup matches; and e) is the FREAKING HOME OF THE COUNTRY’S GOVERNING BODY FOR THE SPORT.

    Nothing against KC or Indy; I’ve been to every city on the list multiple times (except Nashville, one time only), and each has its attractions. But with all due respect, neither these cities nor Nashville (although a southern city culturally, I consider within the midwest for access purposes) just aren’t as reachable, and don’t offer the breadth and depth.

    I understand that things are subject to change (see, but IMHO, the omission of Chicago and the Bay Area from the start = seriously bad juju.

  5. And it hosts 50,000 people, which is a non-starter for a US bid. One of the selling points is “the big 5 million,” the target attendance for a US World Cup, which we would get to in 63 matches played by drawing about 79,400 per game. Being almost 30k short of what you want to average is a big deal.

    Similarly, Soldier Field holds 61k, 18k short of your desired average. My informed guess is that left Chicago on the bubble, but the city had to prove it cared about hosting and they did not. (My guess comes from the comment that Sunil made about the level of commitment from the Parks department, as well as the Pitch Invasion blog on the subject).

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