Another precedent that Chicago’s exclusion breaks

When was the last time a winning World Cup bid did not include the country’s third largest city?

Here are the third largest cities in order of World Cup going back to 1990, where I am stopping this quick study because I don’t have city population figures that far back.

2006 – Munich, in bid.
2002 – Osaka, in bid.
2002 – Incheon, in bid.
1998 – Lyon, in bid.
1994 – Chicago, in bid.
1990 – Naples, in bid.

Looks to me like Chicago would be the first third-largest city to miss out on a World Cup in a long while.


7 thoughts on “Another precedent that Chicago’s exclusion breaks

  1. I’m reasonably sure that games weren’t held in Juarez in 1986…and I’m also sure that WE CAN RECTIFY THAT IN 2018! El Paso-Juarez joint bid!!!!!

  2. Yeah, when the your country’s twentieth biggest city (Baltimore) is still 2.7 million people is when you can get away with omitting #3.

  3. @ Stan, that may be 2.7 million for the metropolitan area, but the Pop. for Baltimore City proper is 640K =/-

    @ Aaron – Houston will be well past Chicago in population by the time the WC rolls around, maybe you need to look at 4th largest cities

  4. Nobody cares about the latter figure, though.

    Which is why Chicago should remain 3rd where it counts, though by that time it should be a close third over DFW. Atlanta and Phoenix were, at last check, surging up the charts as well.

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