Really high on de los Cobos signing

I am really happy to see an MLS team finally hire a Mexican coach full-time now that it’s looking like Chicago is going to hire Mexican Carlos de los Cobos from the Salvadorean NT. (Javier Ledesma was first Mexican to coach in MLS with Chivas, but as an interim coach). It’s never made sense to me that nobody in MLS has ever looked South to find an ambitious Mexican coach eager to move and coach in the US. I’ve always wanted someone in MLS to throw lots of money at Enrique Meza who has had amazing success even at less “pedigreed” clubs like Toluca and Pachuca.

De los Cobos will do though and, quite frankly, I hope he succeeds. He did some great things with El Salvador in getting them to the Hex for the first time since 1998, beating Mexico and Costa Rica while scaring the pants of the Americans in San Salvador. El Salvador is a small and poor country remember, with only roughly the population of Laos and Jordan.* Reaching the Hex and taking some scalps while there is a great accomplishment in today’s CONCACAF.

I think a successful team in Chicago, with Blanco, and coached by a Mexican (Does anyone know if he speaks English?) would be one hell of a ticket-selling machine in that area.

*Paraguay is roughly this size as well, which makes their recently great performances to stroll into the World Cup even more amazing.


13 thoughts on “Really high on de los Cobos signing

  1. Good post. We talk a lot about wanting MLS to become the destination of choice for up-and-coming players in the Americas; it should be the same for coaches as well. I’m just glad to see some new blood rather than the same old retreads.

  2. *How bout equating El Salvador to the size of a US State such as Virigina rather than two random countries which have nothing to do with one another.

  3. Technically Blanco is not with the team currently (unlike Donovan and Beckham, his current PT is not formally a loan). I’d say he’s at least 50/50 to come back, but I thought I’d mention that.

  4. I didn’t imply there was any offense taken. It’s just that most of us readers have no idea what the population of either Laos or Jordan are. Comparing El Salvador to a more familiar point of reference would have made the argument stronger.

  5. We can look at it the other way too. People complain about the quality of American coaching. How are we supposed to get better if young American coaches aren’t given a chance? It’s not like this is England where the young coaches learn the craft in the lower divisions…..and then get promoted up the chain.

    Out of the current coaches in MLS……………how many were born in the United States? A good trivia question.

    I believe the answer is three…..and that’s if the interim tag was taken off of Peter Vermes in Kansas City.

    Why will no MLS club take a chance on a guy like Richie Williams?

  6. I generally like your blog pieces, but you really miffed one up here. Pachuca is a ”less-pedigreed” club? Well then what gives a club pedigree, if not being the first club in Mexico AND being the first place in Mexico to play soccer? So, what clubs are ”more-pedigreed”?

  7. Del Los Cobos is the right Mexican coach for MLS. He is a humble, studious, hard working type… no flare but solid pedigree… he proved in El Salvador and in Mexico with relegation bound teams.. his willingness to work with limited talent to form a respectable unit.

    In general, MLS’ marketability can improve by adopting a more controlled, posession oriented game style.. rather than its very Lite imitation of the English “middle school kick around” style of game. Cobos is a good guy to ease in young American players that don’t have the technical abilities or tactical sophistication to play a higher order of futbol.

  8. I think what he meant was most people’s initial thought of the Mexican league is Chivas and America. Pachuca is right up there, but doesn’t quite have the name-brand as CA and Guadalajara do.

    You wouldn’t say that Birmingham have as much pedigree as Liverpool, would you? No, you would not. And yet, Birmingham were founded 17 years before LFC and, if I’m not mistaken, I do believe they are ahead of Liverpool in the standings currently (or if not, they are one or two behind the Reds).

  9. That wasn’t a shot at Pachuca, but when you think of Mexican soccer, you think of clubs like America or Chivas. I can only assume as well that Pachuca has less money than either of those other two clubs which only goes to Meza’s quality as a coach.

  10. Good post.

    Funny, this was exactly what I thought when I read this

    “*How bout equating El Salvador to the size of a US State such as Virigina rather than two random countries which have nothing to do with one another.”

  11. Because El Salvador is a country so if you want to illustrate how much de los Cobos accomplished with El Salvador’s national team, it makes far more sense to say El Salvador is the same size as two nations whose national teams have accomplished little if anything.

  12. I do agree on the comment: : ..”rather than its very Lite imitation of the English “middle school kick around” style of game”……
    and I do agree on the way the’re taking care on MLS Direction for the future.
    But people like De Los Cobos will change the way to look forward to play better FUT-BOL in the MLS as well as import Mexican Players for the future.

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