Things I thought about while sitting in three hours of traffic

Do DC’s, Chicago’s, and NY’s slow hiring processes indicate a relunctance to add anothre guy to the payroll when, in teams minds, they aren’t expecting to play soccer when opening day rolls around this Spring? If you’re bunkering down for a lockout/strike, why go out and hire a coach, who regardless of labor status, would cash a paycheck? Does the fact that DC, Chicago, and NY still don’t have coaches indicate that, amongst these organizations at least, that they don’t think they’ll need a coach come opening day? I am not sure I believe this to be the case, but it’s an idea I had. UPDATE: Zenga is supposedly interested in the Red Bulls job. Until he’s secured, my theory is still worthy of discussion, I think.

Kartik takes a break from telling the entire world that the US will go 0-3 and allow 48 goals in the World Cup to suggest that DaMarcus Beasley should be recalled to the US. Uh no. Kartik says:
DaMarcus has been tested recently and he has failed. You can’t allow young “untested” players to prove themselves on the big stage without actually putting them on the big stage. Also, one of the flaws we discovered at the Confederations Cup was, in fact, DaMarcus Beasley. Am I downplaying his recent success with Rangers? Yes, the SPL is a joke and so is Rangers’ record in Europe. They finished bottom of the Champions League’s weakest group while allowing 13 and scoring only four goals. We’ve seen what Beasley has done against top-flight opposition and it wasn’t pretty. If he wants us to take his club form seriously, he should’ve thought twice before signing with Rangers.

The crazed reaction to Manchester City’s “coverup” regarding Mark Hughes is just the usual jingoism wrapped up in a new package. If either City’s owners were British and Hughes was not, you wouldn’t hear half the noise over the Blues’ decision to can him and replace him with Roberto Mancini. People are acting like it’s a shock that City may have been talking to other candidates while Hughes was still under contract. That’s complete nonsense. At all but the most secure clubs, managers and owners are always analyzing their options. That said, it sounds like City’s front office has retained the mayhem and chaos that always made City such underachievers. It’s good to see that some traditions in this sport are still being carried on.


11 thoughts on “Things I thought about while sitting in three hours of traffic

  1. Not buying that theory one bit, at least for us here in RedBull land. They haven’t hired a coach because the team is grossly mismanaged and completely clueless. They are blissfully unaware of how to run an MLS francise, and have no clue about that state of labor relations.

  2. Here is something i’ve been thinking about while stuck in 3 hours of traffic:

    How beneficial would a powerful grassroots movement from the U.S. Soccer Federation be versus the current strategy of being carried by corporate sponsors.

  3. All this talk about Beasley has been blown way out of proportion.

    Let’s see him keep up his run of form for longer than a few games before we decide we need him back in the U.S. picture.

  4. Rangers were studs when DMB signed with them; his collapse preceded theirs so he’s lucky to be with a big club regardless of results right now.

    The Man City Thing is all Cook. No one gives a sh*t about which arab dujour owns the team. The Fans (including the Press), expect the Clubs (they are not franchises as in the USA) to conduct themselves in a certain manner. This may seem absurb to US fans for whom sports is business – win or go home. In Europe, its real. They still hold to the vestige that the Club is a public trust which should win and exemplify the City of Manchester and the Club’s fans. Cook has turned this into a complete weasel job by reacting and overreacting. Don Garber would never have been so flustered on camera. He would have shrugged Mancini’s comment on when they spoke off with “In the world of business, the timing of events leading up to Roberto’s hire were rushed to say the least. Perhaps I misspoke, but that is not consequential. Roberto is our new Manager and we look forward to working with him toward reaching the goals of Sheikh Whomever.” Cook froze in the headlights.

  5. Thing about Beasley is that we’ve seen him fail. . . but we’ve also seen him succeed. Guys who have been good enough often get some more slack. And it seems to me that “the league is a joke, therefore the player in it isn’t good enough” logic is everything we hate about Eurosnobbery, just pointed in a different direction.

  6. I understand Kartik-bashing is the hip thing to do here at BS, but … could you please provide a cite to him predicting three losses?

    Seems to me he’s trying to give a realistic picture of what the US will be facing in the first round. Have you seen the comments at MLSTalk? Let’s just say that Spain win went to some people’s heads. There’s people on there claiming Landon Donovan is better than Wayne Rooney.

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