Why is DC United floundering?

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6 thoughts on “Why is DC United floundering?

  1. Dude, you really need to find another hobby…anything that causes this much angst can’t be good for you.

    Oh, and DC United is not floundering (except maybe on the balance sheet), their performance has been average. Welcome to mediocrity, it’s very popular after all.

  2. I don’t think the issue is one person… and I also don’t think that there is one solution. The blame surely is shared by several people and situations that have caused United’s decline since the ’07 season.

    Soehn, to some extent gets a share of the blame. Maybe it was his “risky” choice to rotate his line-up throughout the season. But that said, his team’s had burned out two seasons in a row due to either physical or mental fatigue, so at least he was trying to fix it.

    The ’08 season was a disaster, but I don’t think it’s a fair assessment to place the blame on Soehn.

    Maybe Kasper can take some blame, but that’s hard to say too when your key personnel were as injured as much as they were (Olsen, Gallardo, Moreno, Fred, Emilio). Maybe you point to our defense and say they never meshed, and that could be true. There were language barriers with Wells and Peralta, but there were several injuries and suspensions there too, with Peralta, Martinez, Burch, and McTavish all getting shuffled to make up for injuries. The one point of the season where everyone was healthy was May, and DC United looked good then. But it was followed by fixture congestion that led more injuries and fatigue. I don’t know who to blame… maybe Fortuna was not on our side and you can blame her.

    The ’09 season is probably the only season that you can say Soehn had the biggest control of. We can say we lucked out with two decent draft picks and a few young players, but that’s just part of sports.

    I think uniteo says it best that we’re just average, and I think I agree.

    Soehn did the right thing by stepping down. The team does have a nice group of young players (Pontius, Jakovic, Quaranta, Szetela (all players who have or will likely see National Team opportunities); it just needs a fresh approach to using them.

    I don’t know who the right coach is to implement that approach. Porter was intriguing, but maybe three – six years away from being a serious contender. Onalfo has some experience, but his performance has been pretty mediocre, so I would shy away from him. Maybe someone from outside MLS is the best bet… I don’t know.

    But in the end, we’re not the Red Bulls, and that means we’re not floundering.

  3. DC finished with the same number of points this season as MLS Cup champion Real Salt Lake. Floundering is somewhat harsh. They’re certainly performing at a level below the high expectations of their supporters.

  4. Taking the three stripes off the chest. Although they could bring back the vertical, but the lack of stripes corresponds to the downturn!

  5. Yeah, on the one hand you say “DC United isn’t special, and anyone who thinks so is fooling themselves”. . . but on the other hand, everything about this poll implies you haven’t divested of the romanticism yourself.

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