Who do you want to face most in the World Cup first round?

Let’s take a moment to interrupt ill-placed accusations of bigotry to answer a question.

As US fans, who do you most want to face in the first round? Of course, we’d all love to end up in South Africa’s group because that would represent the easiest route to the knockout round, but odds are that we’ll end up elsewhere.

Who do I want to face? Here are my top 3?

  1. England – Having seen the US beat Germany before, there is no one I’d want us to beat more than England. I can’t decide what I would enjoy more, watching the smug English media decide how to excuse the loss or watching EPL-snobs’ heads explode, or seeing the tabloids scream that “An English coach never would’ve allowed this to happen!”
  2. Brazil – No real hate, I’d just like a bit of revenge for the Confederations Cup final. Plus, it’s Brazil. Who doesn’t want to play the best?
  3. France – I love France. I love the country. I love the food. I love the language. But I think Raymond Domenech is an utter disgrace. (I’ll admit that I remain torn about Thierry Henry). I think the US would be the toast of the rest of the soccer-supporting world (and not to mention Ireland) if we were to beat France.

35 thoughts on “Who do you want to face most in the World Cup first round?

  1. South Africa. Screw home field advantage, they’re the chumps of Pot 1. Who I don’t wanna see is Spain. We’ve already beaten them the one time we’re gonna. Don’t really want to see Brazil either. We’ve already come close enough to scare them, and that’s close enough for them not to let it happen again.

  2. Who i’m supporting and who they face I couldn’t care less to be honest.

    Who i want to see metaphorically handed an a$$ whooping to the sheer delight of 50,000 vuvuzela being blown are.

    England-shove all that ’66 bollocks straight back down their collective throats. Watch the media try and backtrack on their constant “we’re gonna win it” BS and watch all those all so f***ing macho skinheads weeping when they lose.

    France-Thierry Henry and some karma will do nicely.

    Argentina-maybe they (and the rest of the world) will finally realize that a great player does not a good coach make.

    Other highlights will include that diving Portugese twat walking off the pitch after being red carded for diving and the ref winking behind him as he walks off.

    Lastly Blatter and his lackeys being forced to queue with some wonderful South Africans from a township. Well we can dream can’t we….

  3. For me, I’d LOVE to face France, Argentina or Brazil – France because we’ve only played them twice in history, and Argentina or Brazil because besides playing teams that make the game a joy to watch, their group will only have one European team, so we’ll get to see four different continental styles at play.

  4. Hilariously wrong in your attitudes about England.

    1) We’re well aware over here that the USA is a decent side, and there’s no shame in losing to them,
    2) No way would we blame the manager for being foreign – Capello can do no wrong in the eyes of the media, and there are no suitable English candidates anyway,
    3) I think we’d win, and reading BigSoccer afterwards would be funny. As much as you’d like to beat England, you’d be underdogs, and how would you like losing to them?

    Yes, bring on USA in England’s group!

  5. Once again you shown what a lack of Football knowledge you have. How long have been following this game?

    Every paper in the “English Media” is today talking about the potential of them being in a group of death with the guess who? The U.S

    Your name calling (EPL Snobs) and assumptions reminds me of another misinformed, name calling muppet named Archer.

    Attitudes like yours is the reason most of Europe dislikes you guys and why many yank backpackers pretend to be Canadian when traveling abroad.

    Whomever you get drawn against, I will be cheering they beat you lot and make Landy cakes cry!

  6. France, ’cause our boys would also be the toast of 800 gazillion Americans of Irish descent.

    England, just because being a soccer fan in the United States means I’ve just about had enough of curtseying Anglophile Americans for one lifetime.

    Oh, and Uruguay. Because if Costa Rica can make them sweat at home, I’d love to see what we can do against them in a neutral site.

  7. Hey Bus Boy 74! Eurotrash hates America because you get stiff necks looking up at our glory. Europe has been in a downward spiral since WWI and still laments that it’s a minnow on the world stage. Just like the British were despised at the height of their Empire, so too has the world come to disdain America and Americans … but you seem to like our inventions like the TV, telephone, computer, internet, etc.

  8. Great article, specially your dig at the English press. Getting a bit off the topic here, but having a slight journalistic background (wrote for my high school and college papers) I was lucky enough to be taught by two former journalists who where from the old school. Ethics, integrity and most importantly, impartiality were paramount to them. Even with my limited background, I learned to value these things in the press.

    They always said that abiding by these principals were hardest for sports reporters due to the passion and fandom associated with sports, but that the best always managed to mix them well. Having lived in Spain, i was always amazed at how amateurish and biased their sport press was. They however paled in comparison to the English. With the exception of a few journalist like Brian Glanville, the English sports press acts like spoiled, petulant high school kids at a sleep over, gossiping and badmouthing with out really reporting on the truth.

    A perfect example of this was the elimination of England from the world cup in 2002. I was in London the day of the match and for a few days afterward and saw how the press handled it. Ronaldinho’s brilliant goal that soared over Seaman’s head was described as lucky, a fluke, and an outright disgrace that should have embarrassed an over matched Brazilian team that should have laid down and lost to the to the superior, harder working, and more deserving English team. It even got worse the days following, when some of the less reputable papers found an English stripper who worked in Paris (Ronaldinho was still at PSG at the time) who claimed that she regularly spent the night with Ronaldinho. She described him as a sexual freak who would routinely have sex with her upwards of 7 times a night. Again, it was meant as an insult, but who of us would really be offended if a hot stripper said that about us? Again, it might seem ludicrous and childish, but it’s just how the English press operates.

  9. What English press are you reffering too? The Sun, The Star, etc these are all daily tabloid papers similar to your Enquirer and various other papers.

    Are you suggesting that the times, the daily mirror, BBC report like that?

  10. You asked who we’d like to face most in the WC, but posted the folks you’d want to beat the most.

    Based on the draw, I’d like to have the following teams in the US’s group: SA, Algeria, Greece.

    The teams I’d like the US to beat: Brazil, Ghana (payback), France (I’m Irish descent).

    The best -realistic- draw that I can hope for is:

    Brazil, Algeria, Switzerland. Play Brazil last, they’ve already qualified, and hopefully get a draw.

  11. Germany and Algeria

    After beating Germany 2-0 Bob Bradley will say “Before the game I told the team that we have a great chance to win this game. My assistants believe that the German team isn’t even good enough for an MLS reserve side.”

  12. Ummm yea

    First functional TV-Philo Farnsworth
    Personal computer-IBM
    Telephone-Alexander Graham Bell
    Internet-Grew from US Cold War tech

    not that this has anything to do with soccer so I dont know why he brought it up to begin with

  13. Well, apparently this discussion has morphed into “Who do you want to beat the most?”, so I’ll play along:

    1. England- despite what arguments the British posters here have offered, I really won’t believe that they take us seriously until I see absolute proof. I also want the American EuroSnobs (i.e. the people who ONLY watch EPL, La Liga, and Serie A games and who REFUSE to support the U.S. because our style of play is less attractive than that of Brazil, Argentina, England, Holland, or Spain) to receive a particularly harsh wakeup call.
    I have no problem with English people per se, but I still would like nothing more than to beat the team. I think it would meant more to the team and the supporters than a victory over anyone else would (unless it’s a WC Final over Mexico).

    2. Italy- It’s not even about Giuseppe Rossi; I just hate these dirty, cheating bastards. I hope they go three and out next year, regardless of whether or not the US beats them. Easily the team I hate most next to Mexico.

    3. Spain- Can you imagine if we started a streak of beating Spain in meaningful Cup games? That would be absolutely amazing!

    4. Holland- I love the way they play, and I love their players, so I think it would be very exciting to watch us beat them.

    5. Brazil- I would relish beating the Brazilians! I think this is actually number 3, but I am too lazy to reorganize everything (Note: I am not obese, however! Weighing in at 185 and 6’0″, I’d say I’m fairly normal sized, if not skinny. I don’t want to contribute to that statistic of Americans being the fattest people in the world, so I’m just adding this disclaimer because the term lazy is often associated with overweight).

  14. Stop. Yes, Americans have invented many of the world’s greatest current technologies, but this does not make the current version of us any greater than anyone else of any nationality. I realize you aren’t claiming this exactly, but I feel like more idiots are going to come on here and brag about how great “we” are. The fact is, “we” didn’t invent anything- men who happened to be American invented these things, and we continuously take credit for it. Kind of like the way a lot of Americans keep bringing up the point that without U.S. support, Germany probably would have won WWII. It doesn’t matter; WE didn’t do anything to affect that. Our ancestors did, and it wasn’t BECAUSE they were American that they accomplished anything.

    Ok. We can talk about soccer/football again now.

  15. YES couldn’t agree more about those a**hole diving italians and the guy who thinks he’s too good for jersey, Foget about’em!

  16. The Pot 1 teams I’d want are slow starters Argentina and Italy. Pot 2 teams play the Pot 1 teams first match.

    Remember Portugal?

  17. 1. England- despite what arguments the British posters here have offered, I really won’t believe that they take us seriously until I see absolute proof.

    Huh? What sort of proof do you want? Isn’t being named in the potential group of death proof? Don’t get me wrong, here in England we don’t think the USA team are world-beaters – because quite frankly, they aren’t. They are, however, a serious footballing nation who can beat most teams on their day, and that makes them a dangerous opponent in the group stage.

  18. Yup, the mainstream British press do report like that when it comes to the England squad or English teams. Prime example–listening to 606 prior to last year’s champions league final about how Barcelona had no chance…

  19. I share many of the above posters comments about how I’d love the US to beat England. I’ve got no problem with English people generally; I think it’s the simple fact that the English are the inventors of the game and beating the England team, which the US has had a hard time doing of late, would be a major feather in the cap of many nations (e.g. Croatia two years ago).

    That said, I can’t really say that I rationally want the US to face England– at least in the first round– and certainly not in a must-win first round match. It would be a hard game to win and the US’d probably lose 8/9 times out of ten. Just don’t like the odds. A quarter final when the US has already achieved it’s expectations would be a good time to face England.

  20. Well, a link to the referenced article would be nice.

    I don’t really doubt that you are telling the truth; I just get the feeling that most English (excuse me for using British earlier; I always use them synonymously out of habit, even though I know they are different) people don’t take us seriously because of the posters on other sites, especially ESPN Soccernet. Every article about the US that is posted on the main page is immediately attacked by English people and others who don’t believe we are a legitimate team. I don’t exactly blame them, as we’ve been irrelevant until very recently, but I would love to have the team PROVE to those who dismiss us that we are nothing to sneeze at.

    Plus, as I mentioned in my original post, I would like the American EuroSnobs to be proven wrong about our quality. I don’t blame them for not following MLS, because it is certainly an inferior league, but there is no reason not to support your own National team, especially one that is as talented as we are. While we’re not world-beaters, like you say, we’re definitely in the top 25 in terms of pure talent and in terms of the team we field. We can match up with literally everybody (as evident in the Confederations Cup), and it’s time we got some recognition for it!

  21. I am very curious in what the Netherlands have to bring in. As well as Italy and Germany. Can be interesting, Netherlands have some great players. Hopefully Ruud van Nistelrooij, who played in my favorite area a long time ago (Premier League) will be playing again. I haven;t seen him playing with Real Madrid a lot due to his injury but he deserves to have his time in Africa!

  22. Will Rossi make the Italian squad?

    I don’t think we could have gotten a better draw. I was hoping for England because I don’t believe they warranted a seed.

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