Germany and Hannover GK Robert Enke reported dead in suicide

According to Reuters and Kicker, Germany and Hannover goalkeeper Robert Enke killed himself today at a railroad crossing. Details are only now starting to emerge, but it is a terrible tragedy for all involved. Enke was 32.


10 thoughts on “Germany and Hannover GK Robert Enke reported dead in suicide

  1. After losing her 2 yeard old child from heart problems 2 years ago, he couldn’t resist the pain in his heart.

    I’m really sorry, young people mustn’t die…

  2. We’ll never understand the extent of this mans suffering, a suffering that made him beleive even death would be a reprieve. A whole life ahead, gone entirely too soon. R.I.P. Robert Enke, ill be cheering Germany in the World Cup, just to see him be honored. My heart goes out to his family and his friends. This is just another case to prove that we can have the money and the fame, life is more than that. Were all just chasing our goals and our dreams, our happiness. Were all just chasing shadows.

  3. This is terribly saddening and coincidentaly has come at a time when soccernet was publishing articles about footballers, mostly German, and their battles with depression.

  4. Ok if you were in his place will you commit suicide or try to pregnant other child any way in my opinion people commit suicide deserve hell

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