Soehn: I’m gone

DC United has posted on its blog that Coach Tom Soehn has decided to “remove his name from consideration for the club’s head coaching position ahead of the expiration of his three-year contract at the end of the calendar year.”

Despite Steven Goff’s strange defense of Soehn yesterday (Tom must return his calls), Tommy must have known that his days were numbered or gotten word that DC was already deep in talks with a successor.

I have no doubt whether Tom Soehn is a good guy or a solid citizen, but I have massive doubts over his ability to coach a soccer team. I wish him all the best and I hope he finds a team, even one in MLS, where he can catch on either as a head coach or as an assistant.

Bring on Ritchie.


7 thoughts on “Soehn: I’m gone

  1. I think Tommy’s a good tactical coach and a nice guy. And he was put in very bad positions. I doubt that any coach at any level could have truly succeeded with that roster and those schedules. The freakish number of injuries last season didn’t help either.

    But, for United, two seasons out of the playoffs is not acceptable at all. He simply had to go.

    I would certainly bet that he ends up in Philly under Nowak, and they’ll be a better team for it.

  2. I don’t think Goff’s defense was all that strange. It was giving some time to the minority viewpoint, something newspaper people are trained to do.

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