Kevin Payne – more tone deaf than umm, everyone

Not seen out of frame, the past laurels Kevin Payne is resting on.

Kevin Payne decided to blow off some steam in an interview with the Washington Post’s Steven Goff last night. Payne sounds a little bit flustered and more than a little bit defensive.

I am sure that the Krafts and Stan Kroenke appreciate having Payne saying that their teams are “a problem for a league.” I’d like to remind Kevin that the “problem” in New England, has QUALIFIED FOR THE PLAYOFFS FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS, something that your teams haven’t managed to do. I happen to agree with Payne, that teams playing negatively don’t help the league, but for Payne to come out with this arrogant crap after missing the playoffs for the second straight year shows that he is utterly tone-deaf, if not Marlee Matlin-deaf to how hideously arrogant he sounds. Note to Kevin, your team hasn’t made the playoffs in two years and now plays in inarguably the worst stadium in the league – get off your high horse and get some stuff done. This triumphant stuff was “cute” back when we won stuff, now, it just sounds delusional.

Again, I agree with the basic point of Payne’s sentiments, but yet again Payne is going after a team that has qualified for the playoffs for the last two years, something that, as I remind again, DC UNITED HASN’T DONE!

So, is Payne saying that he’d rather miss the playoffs attractively than qualify for them cynically? Really? Do you really believe that? In a league where so many teams make the playoffs, qualifying for them is the bare minimum indicator of performance. To not qualify for them isn’t an indicator of bad luck, or bad circumstances, it’s an indicator of failure by the players on the field and management in the front office. Missing the playoffs is not a liability of playing an attractive style, it’s a liability of having arrogant management who behave as if their crap smells of lavender.

Let me just preface this by saying that I think Payne is actually a good person who sometimes doesn’t think before speaking. That said… What kind of unbelievable dickhead says something like that? Sunderland has won twice as many English top-flight titles as Chelsea and you don’t hear them lecturing Chelsea as to how to run their club. Why? Because they last won it in 1935. Yet we, DC United, a team that hasn’t won a meaningful trophy since 2004, and hasn’t qualified for the playoffs since 2007, sits here and lectures the league? What a joke. What an unbelievable joke. We were laughingstocks after the Open Cup final and this only makes it worse. We deserve to be laughed at and ridiculed.

Just stop it, Kevin. Just stop talking please. This is embarassing. It sounds like your preemptively making excuses for us next season. Stop talking, and start scouting. Stop talking, and get a stadium deal done. Stop talking and get rid of some of the deadweight on this team. Stop talking and work with DCSEC so RFK has a field that doesn’t turn into a mudbog at the slightest moisture.

Hey Kevin, do you know what single thread runs through all these requests? Can you, through the fog of your own hot air, see it?

I’ll make it simple for you.

Stop talking.

You can talk when we win. Until then, shut up and stop embarassing this club.

25 thoughts on “Kevin Payne – more tone deaf than umm, everyone

  1. Believe it or not, I am willing to give Kaspar another shot. We’ve been hamstrung by dead money on our cap for so long that I think he might have been trying to build a roster with “one hand tied behind our backs.” He may be an idiot. I just think he might not have gotten a fair shot to prove he isn’t one.

  2. I don’t disagree with one word that he said. (Well, maybe the bit about RSL, who can, when they choose, play some of the pretties ball in the league.) But he shouldn’t be saying it to a reporter less than a week after his team failed to make the playoffs.

  3. I’ll give Kev a pass on blowing off steam. Jealousy often comes across as anger in the powerful (relatively speaking).

    But … we are sounding more and more like Liverpool these days.

    “We Win Trophies” “Tradition” yadayadayada … what have we done lately. Like Liverpool, our glory is all past. We need to turn this ship around.

    From my perspective, his stadium comments were even more depressing. “Outside the Beltway” “We’d have to rebuild the fanbase in Baltimore, but getting a stadium is paramount”, etc etc

  4. The funny thing is that two of the teams he rapped, Colorado (42) and RSL (43), scored more or less as many goals as his practitioners of jogo bonito (43).

    The difference is, of course, that those two teams also occasionally play some defense and thus ended the season with positive goal differentials (and in RSL’s case, the fourth highest in the league), while DC was on the negative side of the ledger.

    Maybe if DC had occasionally played a little more defensively, he could be watching them in the playoffs instead of whining about teams that did manage to qualify.

  5. Kevin Payne should shut the ******** up, he sounds like a stupid arrogant prick, the Revs managed to make the play-offs for the eighth straight time playing with a depleted roster all year and by beating the defending champions on their home turf when a draw would’ve been good enough.

    RSL not only outdraw DC and have their own stadium, but earned their play-off spot by playing mostly attractive soccer and winning when they needed to, as opposed to his own team who choked when they needed not to.

  6. STFU Kevin Payne and get a god damn stadium deal, or put a decent squad in the field next year, or you’ll see the 14k average attendance go down to 10K or even less in the coming seasons!!.

    STFU and get to work!!

  7. I don’t agree with with the “no meaningful trophies since 2004” criticism, because I don’t think MLS Cup is the only meaningful domestic trophy. But that doesn’t affect my frustration over his comments, or my belief that the Dave Kasper era has been solid mediocrity punctuated by a few brief moments of joy. Rather than repeating what you’ve said, and some of the posters here and elsewhere have said, I’ll just say this: the very first thing I thought of when I read Goff’s blog entries was how Redskins-like it all seemed. It was as if the management of the team is living in a different world. It reminded me of KP chiding me for asking (in an online chat back in August) what we were going to do to solve our offensive issues. At the time, we were leading the league in goals scored; KP told me that that was proof we didn’t have any significant offensive issues. I read his reply and thought “Jesus, are you watching the games?! What planet are you on?” It just seems divorced from reality.

  8. I think Payne is looking at the league and saying “why can’t we get butts in the seat. We’ve got good players, but our games are boring. If we want to get more people in the season without following the Alexi Lalas thought process, then we need coaches who are more apt to ‘throw caution to the wind’ and attack than to sit back and defend.”

    I would probably use the same criticism of our National team. Particular when playing in Mexico. There’s no reason why we should have lost in Mexico in August. That was a completely win-able game after Davies put the US on top.

    But to Paynes point, he’s probably just saying this to eliminate some of the coaching candidates out there.

  9. Aaron, I think you’re taking a bad season a little too far.

    I agree very much with what Payne had to say. EVEN if we fail to qualify, I’d rather watch DC miss out for the next 5 years than watch a counterattacking team week in and week out.

    And Kaspar has no problems identifying new talent that is worth acquiring (Wallace, Pontius, Jakovic, Kocic, Khumalo, Fred, Emilio, Jacobson, Gomez – was Gomez his get?). The breakdown at DC appears to be in deciding the worth of players who are already on the team.

  10. uniteo – Gomez was a Hudson find (although he wasn’t signed until mid-2004 under Nowak), and I’m not sure the Fred or Kocic examples help you advance your point.

  11. this is exactly what he is saying.

    this being the case, this year was pretty successful for DCU. there was plenty of attacking and the games were exciting.

    Soehn gave him what he wanted.

    he’s going to bring back Soehn!

  12. gocaps;

    I’ll stick by Fred as a player who was helpful when brought in. And Kocic has a bright future…no way you can expect a just-out-of-college keeper to step in at #1.

    Fred of this year falls into the ‘not realizing the value of returning players’ problem…but how much of that is Kasper’s responsibility? I don’t know…

  13. I think Fred’s year (while terrible on the field) was much worse for him personally (i.e., father dying and daughter’s surgery).

    He may have been great in the A-League, but in MLS he’s average. He’d be good for a lot of teams in this league. He’s certainly got more talent than someone like Dema Kovalenko.

    That said, I don’t think DC United should bring him back for another season.

  14. What he’s really saying, I think, was that he failed (but you won’t hear that word from him, and the confrontational tone is where Aaron makes his point) trying to put an offensive team on the field. You look at the Gomez-for-Guerrero trade, and picking Gomez is taking a risk in the attempt to play a more stylish game. You know Guerrero is going to give you more defense, and probably more minutes played. I think what he’s saying is “I could have kept Guerrero” (or maybe traded Fred for a hardworking but uncreative two-way player) “and we might well be sitting in the playoffs, but it’d be real ugly and we still wouldn’t be contenders.”

    The problem, arguably, comes with thinking that you have a choice picking which playing style you plan to win with”becauseit’s DC United”, rather than making any move that would help you win as if that made you something different than any other MLS club, which is what DC United really is.

  15. Kasper (not Kaspar) did not identify Gomez, Emilio, or Jakovic. And it’s a bit of a stretch to describe anyone at any team as “identifying” Wallace, Pontius, and arguably Kocic — everyone knew who they were. So that leaves Fred and Khumalo. Fred had a very solid first year here, but was bad in 2008 and 2009 (his issues this year don’t explain 2008). Khumalo, well, he seems nice but I don’t think too highly of him.

    Really, Kasper’s main contributions have seemed to be pulling USL-2 players up (particularly from his former team, the Riverhounds — Khumalo and Janicki). For the most part, those USL-2 players then show us why they were in USL-2 in the first place.

  16. Look Bootsy, if you’re going to throw Kasper under the bus for bringing in the wrong players that had done well and been rated elsewhere (like the ’08 South American contingent) then you’ll have to give him credit for bringing in the right ones.

    Nobody in MLS is bringing in Santiago Muniz…for the most part they are all playing overseas or in USL or in college. Still a high washout rate.

  17. I agree with him. I hate losing but I would tolerate my club not making the playoffs if it meant gaining more fans for the league and sport itself. There is a bigger picture than just our own little selfish happiness of having our clubs win the mls cup. I wish more people would think like this man. Look at the premiership, its the most popular league in the world but does it have the best players? Hell no, but i’d watch hull vs west eghamptoshiretown before I tuned in to any superclub in Italy.

  18. uniteo — which “right ones” do you mean? Kasper isn’t the one that got us Gomez Mk I. Kasper isn’t the one who got us Jakovic. And there’s zero logic in saying he identified Pontius and Wallace — it just flies in the face of reality.

    Who can Kasper arguably take credit for? Here we go . . .

    The good: Bringing Jaime Moreno back from Jersey. This was a daring move, given how his past year had gone; and it certainly paid off.
    Taking a chane on in Julius James.
    Bringing in Ivan Guerrero.
    Chancing it on RB in Lawson Vaughn.

    The bad: Trading away Guerrero for Gomez Mk II.
    Exposing Brian Carroll

    The ugly: Greg Janicki
    Avery john
    Steve Guppy
    Zach Wells
    Trading away money/picks to bring Rod Dyachenko back to DC.
    Obsessing over Veron for *two years*, to the exclusion of other moves that would build the team.

    That’s just what I came up with without thinking too hard. I’m not sure where to put Erpen. And I’d put Boswell under “good,” except I’m not sure he had a big role there.

  19. wow. you look over that bad list and it is quite depressing. The only one I would move is Vaughn — not a fan, personally.

  20. Maybe it helps put this in perspective to know that under Yallop’s 2nd tenure out here in San Jose, Guerrero stood out as an offensive/creative pick.

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