United v. Crew – another must win

It’s come to this – another must win game, and another must win game against Columbus.

Will DC, complete with its coach-is-clearly-panicking-terrible-starting-goalkeeper (Steve Cronin) and an injury/suspension list a mile long beat a Columbus team poised to make another run at a MLS title? Will there be a playoff bandwagon to jump on and another great playoff night at RFK?

No. Hell no. Not a chance in hell.

Prediction: 3-1, Crew.

This MLS season cannot end fast enough.

I can be heard tonight live providing color commentary for the Crew’s radio broadcast with my good buddy Neil Sika. Tune in and enjoy.


3 thoughts on “United v. Crew – another must win

  1. I agree with Kyle — don’t bet with Aaron

    Even a blind pig finds an acorn occasionally and United found us a win.

    Two miserable rainy nights at ancient Estadio RFK this week and a tie and a win for my boys.

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