Can your club’s owner say this?

This weekend, Washington Capitals owners Ted Leonsis made a series of “pledges” to Caps fans on his personal blog. Here they are:
How many organizations in Major League Soccer do you think could say that they fulfill those pledges or even fulfill half of them? How many of those does you team fulfill?


14 thoughts on “Can your club’s owner say this?

  1. How many of them can the Capitals say they’ve fulfilled? Or is firing your coach 20 games into the season part of “sticking with your strategy”? Is missing the NHL playoffs (the NHL playoffs!) five times in the last ten years, and only getting out of the first round once, part of being “a great team for a long time”?

    I’d be more impressed if there was even one promise there that had a measurable metric attached to it. It’s one thing to say you’ll “offer value”; it’s another to say, for example, you won’t raise prices in a year where you miss the playoffs.

  2. I’m a huge Caps fan and do appreciate the openness and availability of Ted. He has replied, personally, to a few e-mails that I have sent to him. He really does like to interact with fans and has incorporated ideas that he gets from the season ticket holders.

    Unfortunately, there are two items that are mutually exclusive, at least so far into his ownership:

    “We will adhere to a system and a plan and stick with our strategy;”

    along with

    “We will only be focused as an organization of winning the Stanley Cup. We have a singular goal.”

    The system and strategy mean they don’t put forth the effort to make trades/FA pickup unless the Caps don’t have to give up much. IMHO, that is not focused on winning the Stanley Cup. It is focused on keeping within a budget.

    As far as MLS, I don’t think that most of the teams, and the league in general, can’t back-up most of these items.

  3. They will not do less things.

    They will do fewer things.

    Wait…why don’t they do more things? That way they look more “first class,” and avoid the grammatical error.

  4. Blessed are they who operate the team as if it is a public trust, for they shall be AIG.

    Blessed are they who hold up mirrors, if only to fry ants on the sidewalk.

    Blessed are they who are transparent, for they are glass. Or Plexiglass.

    Blessed are they who communicate often, for they use Twitter.

    Blessed are they who are interactive and high tech, for they examine their inner geek.

    Blessed are they who are high touch, unless they are on a certain national registry.

    Blessed are those who are humble, hungry, and sweaty, for they panhandle or scalp tickets outside the arena.

    Blessed are they in first class, for without them, there wouldn’t be a second class.

    Blessed are they who stick with a strategy, for they are the Washington Redskins or the Los Angeles Clippers.

    Blessed are those who strive for continuity and harmony, for they dress in hemp, drive VW microbuses, and live in Takoma Park.

    Blessed are those who offer value in all offerings to the fans, and hit Dave Johnson in the head with a Pollo Campero T-shirt.

    Blessed are those who seek happiness as a state of mind, for they have fallen into debt buying club seats.

    Blessed are the innovators, who figure out new ways of relieving you of your money.

    Blessed are they who keep our team together so that the players are past their sell-by date.

    Blessed are those with a singular goal — and those who give up four in the same game.

  5. Can you please explain to me where this “intrigued… newsletter” meme came from and what it actually means? I dunno if I am too young or too dumb to get it, but I have zero idea where this came from.

  6. Like with so many things – “cheese-eating surrender monkeys,” “meh,” “I for one welcome our insect overlords” – it’s a Simpsons reference.

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