Will Manuel Zelaya be the man who changed DC United’s season?

Is Luciano Emilio the key to United turning around its season? Nope.

Did DC United turn around its season last night? Could it be that the team, and its oft-absent striker Luciano Emilio finally found what is missing against Marathon in the Champions League? Is this the beginning of DC’s run into the MLS playoffs? Can DC actually qualify for the second round of the Champions League?

But I want to focus on last night and the man most responsible for United’s turnaround last night and give him his due.

Is it Tom Soehn?

No, not after pulling Tiyiselani Shipalane in the 43rd minute for no good reason.

Is it Kevin Payne?

No, not after I spent yet another night watching the mildew grow and the grass die at the dump known as RFK.

Is it Emilio?

Nope, but he did play very well and if he keeps this up, almost anything is possible.

It’s Manuel Zelaya, ousted former President of Honduras. Yup, this guy.

It’s Zelaya because the events that ousted him and the following disarray that meant that Marathon had to travel by for 8-9 hours to Guatemala before flying to DC where the team didn’t arrive until 1 AM. Marathon, quite frankly looked it, too. They were terrible just about everywhere but in goal. The players just looked drained and, in truth, I really sympathize with them. They themselves seemed pretty relieved about the fact they’re going to stay here in DC until Monday as this weekend’s domestic matches have been canceled. I hope they enjoy the break because what they and the entire country is going through right now is fairly terrible with DC-based folks telling me how worried they are at not being able to contact relatives in Honduras and the serious fear that this could turn into a real civil war.

So now, with Emilio reminding himself that he can in fact put the round white thing into the big rectangle located at each end, DC might just be able to recover the form that saw this team in a playoff spot for most of the season. If they do, let’s all remember the most important catalyst to the the team’s good run….

Manuel Zelaya.


15 thoughts on “Will Manuel Zelaya be the man who changed DC United’s season?

  1. The great irony with Emilio is that if he gets on a roll and starts scoring in MLS, he could still win the golden boot. He’s sitting on 9 goals, only 4 back from Cunnigham.

  2. Umm… Conor Casey has 15. Emilio would need 6 in 4 matches. And hope that Casey, or Donovan, or Cunningham don’t net anymore in their remaining matches. Ain’t gonna happen.

  3. Soehn always pulls the young guys on their debut for alleged defensive tendencies. He did it with Stratford, Ely and someone else I tihnk. I think he was too fast on the wing, and the speed confused and threatened Soehn.

  4. Yes, yes he did.

    And no, it wasn’t Zelaya. Marathon were not at all convincing in San Pedro Sula against a very ‘B’ team fielded by DC United. I think a 2-0 victory would have been a very achievable result even if they had gotten more rest.

  5. The FSC announcers (yeah, I know) were claiming that Shipalane was lacking match fitness.

    I’m just throwing it out there…I didn’t start watching until the 30th minute myself, so I wouldn’t know other than that the short time I saw him play he looked pretty threatening, so the Soehn hatred seems to be justified.

    I’m not so sure about Emilio’s play…he might have had a brace, but he also blew 4 real quality chances before heading in a point blank header. No way does he get that many chances, much less quality chances against the likes of Cruz Azul.

  6. See, good things can happen when people pay attention to their Constitutions [/political rant]

    It would be a hell of a thing if DC United were to find their form now, at the near end of the season. It was great that they won, but I don’t think they are quite there yet.

  7. The game announcers were also calling the match from a studio 3,000 miles away. They had no idea why he was pulled. Soehn said after the match that it was down to his inability to secure the wing defensively (though admittedly, I didn’t see much of what Soehn claimed – i purely think he just wanted to get Moreno on the field and you weren’t taking off a defender – the easy choice was Ty, even though he was causing a lot of problems for Marathon)

  8. Why weren’t they at RFK? FSC usually deploys its announcers to every location within the U.S. (and Canada). Against SJJ, they were obviously in the LA studio, but that’s understandable. But it’s not understandable that they wouldn’t send the guys to DC to cover a game. Do you know this for a fact, or just speculating? Because if it’s just speculation, I’m going to have to counter with some speculation of my own.

  9. Interesting. I think he was so fast on the wing that folks think he’s better than he actually is. We’re such a slow team that we’re easily impressed by someone who’s fast, even if their play sucks.

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