ESPN360 access arrives for Cox subscribers

Good news for soccer fans as Cox Cable has picked up ESPN360 just in time for folks to be able to watch the FIFA U20 World Cup. Service starts for viewers (including me) on September 30th.

ESPN360 shows all kinds of soccer including the Bundesliga, La Liga, Dutch League, Football League, Portuguese League plus FIFA tournaments like the U20’s and, if my memory serves me right, the Confederations Cup.

If this sounds self-serving, it’s because I live in Fairfax County, VA, a longtime Cox-“owned” region, so I am very happy with this news.


6 thoughts on “ESPN360 access arrives for Cox subscribers

  1. YEAHH!!! viva Cox!!!! (is it for free??). Hey Aaron, where in Fairfax do you live? I might have seen you around in Fairfax Corner or FairOaks Mall…

  2. I believe the standard deal is that if you get your internet from a cable/FIOS company that has a deal with 360, you then get it as part of your internet package.

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