Monday morning links

What I’ve been reading this morning:

Somebody named Dr. Gamera seems to confirm the hunch I had which is the USA cannot realistically expect to get a seed at WC 2010. I can’t vouch for his statistical expertise but it sure looks valid to me.

Andrew Guest’s Thinking Man’s Guide to the U-20 World Cup is very interesting. Now I just need a decent guide to the actual players we’ll be seeing, including the American ones. Allow me to make a prediction, this team might even progress even further than the 2007 team despite the lack of big-name stars like Freddy, Jozy, and Danny.

Gary Megson’s going to need to call realtors in order to sell his place in Bolton pretty soon after saying that the fans constant booing “does not help the players one bit. That is the way it is.” Is he right? Probably, but it’s just another sign that he’s probably the first manager to get canned this season.

Bill Simmons interviewed big-time soccer player agent and sports entrepreneur Casey Wasserman on his podcast and they spoke at some length about soccer in America and MLS. They had some very kind words for MLS as a league.

A great photo here of Craig Bellamy slugging a fan who fan on to the field after the insane Manchester derby. I have rarely defended Bellamy, but if this fan even flinched towards him, I think Bellamy is entirely justified in his action.

And finally, this video from Russia has made me laugh all 30 times I saw it. If you’re going to run on to field, at least make it funny. [ame=””%5DWho hasn’t wanted to do this?[/ame]


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