Signs US fans have run out of things to argue about

There is an impassioned discussion of whether Jeff “Coach-Killer” Cunningham should be called up for the United States.

Yes, that’s right, this guy….

… The one who has played for five MLS clubs and who has won precisely ONE trophy, Columbus’ Open Cup win in 2002. Cunningham is a limited, me-focused striker who has a nearly perfect history of disrupting whatever locker room he currently inhabits. This little illustration sums it up.


11 thoughts on “Signs US fans have run out of things to argue about

  1. You were asking people to name your car in your last blog, so why you gotta hate on people who look at a guy who’s near the top of the scoring chart and say, “Hey, this 78 year old striker has knocked in a few goals this year. Maybe Bradley should have him in for a looksie.”

  2. Because everyone who follows MLS has debated the “what’s the deal with Jeff Cunningham” question about 100 times since 2000.

    Plus, I’ve never seen a blogger on Bigsoccer ask for assistance in naming their car. It’s silly. It’s different. It’s not yet another tired debate.

  3. I’d like to see Comedy XI national teams – players that Various Styles would call up if he were the US coach, or if the Sun editorial board picked the England side.

    EDIT – I’ve got all the time in the world for Cunningham, ever since Steve Sirk’s articles about him. I’d love to have him on my team, destroying the locker room chemistry there. (Although considering it’s the Galaxy, I figure the locker room has it coming.)

  4. I don’t know about this locker room stuff. You think Bradley’s gonna find a more “me-first” attitude than Clint Doofus Dempsey has been sportin? Cunningham is awesome and always will be.

  5. FourFourTwo did something like this a couple months ago. It is reproduced here:…?topic=44178.0

    My favorite is GARRINCHA

    “Having lost his virginity to a goat, Garrincha was always going to be a bit different. To confirm this, he fathered 14 illegitimate children, killed his mother-in-law in a car crash, punched his wife in a drunken rage, and drank himself into an early grave. But not before having it away with a number of nurses who were tending to him on his deathbed.”

  6. You’re not very intelligent, Mr. Stollar. If you’re going to make proclamations about it, you should actually follow Jeff Cunningham’s career, instead of reading the irregular over-dramatized article that comes out every other year.

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