Help me name my car

Help me name this car

Recently I bought my first new car, a bright blue 2009 Hyundai Elantra Touring. It replaced my old Honda Accord, which I had named Otto the Auto. My new Hyundai currently lacks a clever name, which is why I come to you, clever denizens of Bigsoccer for help naming my new car.

Here was my best attempt: “Kim Jong Wheel.” Eh, it works better if you say it out loud.

What do you think my car should be named?


30 thoughts on “Help me name my car

  1. I like ‘Kim Jong Wheel’ a lot.

    An older reference might be ‘Frau Blue Car’

    It requires a response from those who hear it.

  2. Attila the Hyundai.

    Frau Blue Car – hahaha, but better for a german sedan. I bet Kim would get the joke, being a movie buff.

    Seoul Roll.


  3. Why you should help me name this car? Because, it’s not like I am going to use the name to whisper sweet nothings to it… It’s just a vehicle for puns…. VEHICLE… HA! I kill me, sometimes.

    Actually, it’s because talking about soccer right now makes me think of DC United and that makes me start throwing things across the room until my wall has a hole in in it just like the stands do at RFK.

  4. once again Aaron…. your youth betrays you — listen to some Boomtown Rats and you will understand where loney is coming from.

  5. I didn’t get it either..but I bought my first new car last year and it is a blue car (frau is a German word for woman or Ms.)..I might just take that name for my ride..thanks, guys.

    But since we are naming your car Aaron, let’s call it the blue-mobile until you find something concrete.

  6. No, but believe me Loney is KILLING with the narrow knit tie set. But let’s be honest this is the only Boomtown Rats song anyone other than major music nerds remembers.

    True confession: I wrote the pun without even realizing it. Now I am inordinately proud of it.

  7. Am I the only blogger under 25?

    +1 on being frustrated at funny references I don’t get from being young. It’s like reading Chomsky…you know its gold, you just don’t get it.

  8. I’m 25. No one has an excuse for not watching classic cinema. My dad made me watch ‘Young Frankenstein’ when I was 8.

    How about Car-Max Moore?

  9. OK, here’s the explanation. In the movie Young Frankenstein (part of your required work in order to be considered minimally acculturated) the housekeeper in the castle is named Frau Blucher. Every time someone says her name, the horses whinny. It loses a great deal in the telling. You have to watch the movie.

    Frau Blucher == Frau Blue Car

  10. Let’s make it a double date, Aaron. You take the blond, I’ll take the one in the toiban.

    Pak Yu-Kah
    Stormy Hyundai (since everyone is hung up on the rhyming with Monday)
    Honk Myung-Bo

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