Max Bretos takes on Jerry’s kids

Max Bretos: Muckraker

From Max’s Twitter:
Is Max really questioning Jerry Lewis’ work with MDA?


16 thoughts on “Max Bretos takes on Jerry’s kids

  1. He sounds like more than a jerk. As a friend of someone with MD, that’s a grade-A superdick move on his part and I think far less about Max Bretos than I did before I read this.

  2. Thanks for posting this; I was never a fan of “Max’s Minute”, and if this tweet is real, it is just additional proof that he is not as funny (or clever) as he thinks he is…

  3. Look, I’m no fan of the MDA Telethon. (Why does that one specific disease get such prime attention, year in, year out? Where’s the Autism Telethon?) But there’s some things you just don’t say unless you don’t mind looking like the King of Dicks.

  4. The March of Dimes was originally created to help victims of Polio, and it was a tremendous charitable effort to help those who suffered from that sometimes debilitating disease (an iron lung in the 1920s cost about as much as a house – and the March of Dimes was usually able to pay for all of the sufferer’s treatment and care. However, with the development of the vaccine polio was largely eradicated in this country – though I think some Amish kids got it a few years back – so the March of Dimes decided to change its beneficiary contingent while maintaining its single-disease focus.

    I don’t think Bretos is a terrible person just because he made an ill-advised and seemingly off-handed remark. We live in an age where many of us are given too many opportunities to voice an opinion, and guess, what, much of what we have to say is uninformed, idiotic, offensive, can be taken as offensive, or simply uninteresting. Yes, I’m talking to you Facebookians. Anyway, Loney goes way beyond this all the time.

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