Steven Cohen put on his bad idea jeans today

So here’s the bad news for American soccer fans – World Soccer Radio is back.

Here’s the good news. It won’t be back for long.

Certainly not if WSR’s tweet about it costing $9.95 month to listen proves to be true.

Umm, no.

I guarantee you, not nearly enough people will pay that to listen to two uninformed ex-pats rattle on about how much better it is back home. Any one of us can go to our local soccer bar and get that for free!

Where is Cohen expecting to get the money for this effort? I don’t care if his father is the 3rd Earl of Douchbagshire, there is still no chance of this surviving even a year.

Am I jumping up-and-down on the grave of Cohen’s career? You bet.

I’ll be back later, my feet are tired.

28 thoughts on “Steven Cohen put on his bad idea jeans today

  1. I never listened when it was free, haven’t paid attention to the whole flap he caused, and certainly won’t pay to listen if that’s now the case.

    Too many great free podcasts out there to hear people talk about the game.

  2. Love the guy but there is no way I am going to pay for that.

    I don’t know if you noticed but our economy is not that good right now.

    So thanks but no thanks.

    Good luck to him though.

  3. I disagree.

    That crazy bearded cokehead could sell anything. Vince from Shamwow/Slap Chop is good, but he’s no Billy Mays.

  4. I don’t see how this will work. If it does, it will certainly open the door for a lot more niche broadcasting. The whole idea of a pay-for-podcast is truly thinking out-of-the-box (though that box may be there for a reason.) With shows chasing a limited audience with even more limited dollars, it seems like a long-shot. The show will truly have to differentiate itself from the competition to compell enough listeners to make it viable.
    If it works, it does free them from the interference of outside groups, much like when Howard Stern went to Sirrius in order to escape the hounding of the FCC. The difference here is that WSD is starting with a much smaller audience. Howard Stern lost many listeners, but still millions followed willing to pay $12 a month. I just don’t see that here, but it will be very interesting for new media as a whole if it succeeds….

  5. Maybe we should put a moratorium on his name being typed on BigSoccer. That may make him go away permanently even faster (note to Steven, I’m talking about your show, dumas).

  6. I think it’s rather reasonably priced. If people brown bag a lunch one day a month, they’ve basically paid for the subscription. It’ll be interesting to see how it all pans out.

    I would assume that as they pick up/regain sponsors, the price point will drop or that they’ll eventually offer it for free again.

  7. I agree that the price point is fair enough divided by 20 shows a month. If any listeners were suscribing to satellite radio just to hear the show, they would actually save money.
    If, and its a big if, this works, I don’t think the show should return to free. In this format, detractors of the show really have nothing to protest, it is supported by, and paid for the listeners; no networks to go after, relatively few sponsors to boycott, and those who do advertise on the show, would know what they are getting into. The show would be “off the air”, except to a willing private audience. Big Soccer bloggers could get back to writing about more important topics, like the game of soccer for example. A win-win for everybody

  8. And to think, people actually believed WSD ended because of the “threats” and not because they ran out of money without their sponsors.

  9. They’re gonna have to pay me WAY more than 10 bucks to listen to some bucktoothed vagina in a t-shirt talk about Rushden versus Dagenham.

  10. Sure — and maybe people who listen to the show can automatically add themselves to everyone’s ignore lists at BigSoccer so we don’t have to listen to a bunch of second-hand piffle.

  11. People don’t think that. But they do KNOW that you are some North American Liverpool wannabe puss that has the stones, in a very limited sense, to admit he’ s a Hawks fan. Atlanta hoops or Chicago ice, doesn’t matter. they both suck. Like some of their fans…

  12. I agree with Parker76. If you checkout the WSD facebook page many fans have already stated that they will cancel thier serius/xm subscription and use that money to pay for WFD (many said the only reason they had serius/xm was to listen to WSD anyways). For $10 a month your getting a show that will air for two hours a day at least 20 times a month.

  13. Actually, I’m wondering if, in case Cohen/WSD doesn’t make it and there’s no obvious soccer podcast King of the Hill to go after, will all the bloggers/podcasters on the BS homepage suddenly turn on each other in an attempt to knock off the rest of the competition?

    Now that would be entertainment!

  14. Week 1, Threats against kids, too scared to answer the door etc. WSD cancelled.

    Week 2. No threats mentioned, obviously got to the studio. WFD started.

    Something doesn’t add up and no i’m not referring to the (in my opinion) Rip Off price they want.

    To ask $9.95 (a month) when you can get better podcasts for free and they cover all what WSD did to a far better standard and better quality. All you need to do is choose one a day and there is your weeks worth or get 10 (or even 100 pals) to go splits on the cost and torrent the thing.

    $10 to listen to rehashed info that they stole (and iirc Kenny admitted it on air “that he got all his stuff from wherever and Steven then restole it off Kenny) from someone else, somewhere else on line….


  15. Wait, I’m confused. Just last week he was too afraid to go on the air. Does this mean the bad guys were caught? He can’t possibly have been lying about that, can he?

    BTW, has anyone found links to the threats he received (pref. with headers), or to the public-record portion of the police report?

  16. I know my hockey, chief (pun intended). Pulled for the Hawks in last years playoffs,mostly because of Habby, and because the Hawks need a Cup to not be considered the American version of the floundering original 6 (in other words, not like the Leafs).

  17. I don’t think he was lying about the threats. Just like I don’t believe that the threats were the real reason for canceling the show.

    He probably just dipped the truth in enough hyperbole to use it as an excuse for ending a program that was going to end anyway due to the mass exodus of sponsors.

    Do you blame him? Who wants to concede defeat, especially to an overzealous fan group hellbent for your scalp? So you make your enemies look like child-threatening scum and walk away.

    Cohen’s attempted reemergence is just as predictable as the shows demise. Though all the grave stomping from his haters is just as deplorable as this seemingly scripted comeback.

    I enjoyed his show, though — like other critics have pointed it — it had its obvious flaws, Cohen’s ego being chief among them. But as a relatively new fan to the game, I learned a lot about football culture from listening to WSD — both from Cohen and the abundance of top-quality guests he brought on the show. It was a much-needed resource for me at a time when there was little else out there to learn from.

    That said, I’m also not convinced it’s worth $10 a month. But I with the boys luck and hope for their success.

  18. WSD is by far the greatest Podcast available. It increases the soccer intelligence of every listener. It is broad in its coverage of leagues. He has great guests on like Altidore(USNT), Vickery(S.america), Basile, Rebecca Lowe(stunning), Graham Pole(Ex Prem Ref and current Chappers Pod host), just to name a few. Not to mention that it is Daily. I don’t know about you other Footy fans but in my world of Football 6 hours is out dated news for me and my computer. He may have been born a Brit but we americans are the majority that call in. We make the show and I want to hear my fellow American Footy lovers comments’ on the previous days events.
    I spent almost 3 years and continue to look around for the best podcasts and I’m upset that we are possibly loosing this one. All other podcasts seem to be bland and low budget with focus on a single topic or league. WSD has personality with a Scot and a Brit. They have their identities and it makes the show colorful and interesting. I totally understand that Steven gets on alot of peoples nerves and even mine on occasion but let’s not forget that he is an ENTERTAINER! We are supposed to get mad at some of his banter/views. Ask Howerd Stern. I invite all to listen to the podcasts I have found and listen regularly. (Some are only weekly) Then choose for yourself.
    Chappers, The Game, EPL talk, Soccernet Pod., Football weekly, 5live Daily, 606 Phone in. I’m open to suggestions also.
    I will definitely spend $9.95 a month.

    Player, Coach, and passionate fan of the world game.

  19. seems to me this site and some bloggers are way to obsessed about what cohen does or doesnt do. Your only helping him even if you loathe the guy. I guess people dont hate a nobody.

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