Things I like about soccer right now

I realize I’ve been a bit grumpy for the last few days. Between DC United’s form and my looming move (packing sucks, have I mentioned that?), my tone has been reaching levels of grumpiness that even I dare not exceed. So now, for no other reason than to shift the mood, here are some things in (and out of) soccer that I like.

  1. Fellaini’s hair – always entertaining
  2. Being able to stream Match of the Day from my PC to my X360 and on to my TV. I still can’t get over that I can do that.
  3. Charlie Davies
  4. Eduardo scoring for Arsenal. Just an amazing story and an amazing comeback.
  5. My near constant imagining of DC United’s rebuilding after this season. I can’t wait until the draft, until we find out how much cap space we’ll finally have to play with.. ooh, it will probably be the highlight of my season. If only ESPN has an MLS Trade Machine like they do for the NBA.
  6. I don’t like that Landon had swine flu during the Mexico match, but it is a great excuse for your soccer-doubter friends when they bring up the match.
  7. Twitter, nuff said
  8. Envisioning a world where I have a washer/dryer in my own apartment. Mercifully, I enter that world starting this weekend, but yeah. I’m thinking about that a lot.
  9. Just about every story I hear or read about the Oakland Raiders, but especially those by Mercury News columnist Tim Kawakami.
  10. Just about everything associated with Burnley, great fans, great park, great colors, etc.
  11. Park Ji Sung, the most underrated person in the Premier League
  12. The way that Harry Redknapp always has a facial expression like he has the runs during matches.
  13. Jens Lehmann announcing his upcoming retirement, which means they’ll be one fewer German, mulleted, lunatic, preening, arrogant, brilliant goalkeeper strolling this planet.

What things in soccer make you in happy right now?


9 thoughts on “Things I like about soccer right now

  1. Lehmann’s retirement, and Kahn’s before him, sadden me. They had such a great rivalry going between them, that when Kahn supposedly offered words of encouragement before the penalty shootout against Argentina in 2006, it probably went something like this:

    “Don’t f*** up or I’ll castrate you and eat your children, a**hole.”

    “Go F*** yourself, Oli.”

    It was probably the nicest conversation they had ever had between them.

  2. The catch phrase of the random Maine fellow I watched the US-Mexico match with in a vacant sports bar on the Maine coast this week. He just kept saying “Jesus, dudes!”

  3. Watching my students (I’m a high school teacher) playing soccer for the sheer joy of it, no money, no TV’s, just a desire to win and play well

  4. some things i like about soccer:

    1. Keeps you fit and stronger.
    2. keeps you motivated.
    3. Stamina is getting good everyday.
    4. understand what is the deep meaning of teamwork and lastly;
    5. you can be a champion.

    I know all this things ‘coz I’m a soccer player.

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