DC advances to CCL group phase… my joy knows no bounds

Just remember how happy everyone felt last night when DC fails to make the playoffs this year. Will it really have been worth it?


8 thoughts on “DC advances to CCL group phase… my joy knows no bounds

  1. I think DC’s (and hopefully RBNY too) success or failure in CCL will help push for an increase in salary cap and roster size, because the only other option if MLS teams have a chance is to rearrange the schedule and Lord knows that ain’t happening.

  2. As I watched (forced to watch ?) DC advance on painful kicks … I wondered what was their motivation ? Was there ANY motivation. did they know some people stayed up until 1:05 AM EST to watch THAT ?

    The platoon system that “Coach” Soehn has deployed is a head scratcher. Why not get the job done with a 5-0 home victory in the 1st leg ? There seemed no urgency. And the joy of victory was not appearent after the last kick.

    Perhaps MLS should scrap all the Cups (MLS, Open and especially the Super Liga) and just play money dripping friendlies against big name touring clubs. All MLS clubs could play at home and just train for these exhibitions.

    What’s another trophy worth anyway ? Come to think of it, why not sell the ones sitting next to the reception desk at RFK ? It would add even more money to the bank account.

  3. yes the team that has been switching around within the top three in the east all season will not make the playoffs…f off guy

  4. No, it will not be worth it. MLS fans should be delighted that we have a league in which the league title is the most important accomplishment. Continental competitions are the product of leagues in which few teams have a chance of winning. Does anyone really care about the Europa Cup? Or to be more precise, does anyone really care about the Europa Cup beyond the money that goes to the winner?

  5. SuperLiga is dumb, so is the Open Cup. I wish the rosters in the MLS were bigger so teams could have a better shot at doing well in the CCL.

  6. USOC is an historical competion, and it should be kept, perhaps with a different format (why do the strongest teams almost always play home?); I would abolish the stupid Superliga. CCL could be substained by MLS teams only if they have a very good roster, IMO Columbus and Houston are still the best teams according to this. As a DCU fan, I was very sorry not to see my team go out of the CCL with an honorable defeat or a 0-0 draw; DCU roster is not well enough equipped for both major competitions, and I would have given priority to the championship. It’s very tough for an MLS team to go and win this CCL, because the final part of it (if you get there) arrives when MLS has just restarted, after a 5 months blackout.

  7. The USOC has the potential to not be dumb. In fact, handled properly, it could be the best Soccer event in the country.

    The Superliga has zero potential to not be dumb. Unless it were turned into some sort of half assed UEFA Cup, with the non CCL teams participating. But since most of CONCACAF wouldn’t be able to afford international travel dates anyway, let’s just flush Superliga…..I admit it was fun seeing Atlante and Santos Laguna in DC, but I’m over it now, and content to watch Telemundo for my FMF fix.

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