Toronto fans still misbehaving

PR Islanders goalkeeper being struck by beverages during last night’s Champions League match in Toronto.

When will MLS and TFC management take charge of matters and prevent these kinds of incidents from taking place?

I guess their plan is to wait for someone to get hurt and then to get sued before doing anything.


19 thoughts on “Toronto fans still misbehaving

  1. Wow like this has never happened before in any sport..

    You guys seriously just find any little thing possible to point a blame on TFC fans.

  2. Meh. So the clowns wasted money throwing expensive beers on the keeper. As long as it wasn’t in a bottle, I can’t see it really making that much of an impact.

  3. So, clevelandstoker, the security staff are now supposed to rate the potential for harm from a given projectile before acting? Right.
    Throwing stuff from the stands is wrong, everwhere, everytime. If a city that can easily replace any season ticket holder they revoke won’t enforce this who will?

  4. Its not right but it happens so often then its not even an issue. Theres a reason why the beer is put into harmless plastic cups.

    But anyone anywhere will find even the smallest reason to trash Toronto FC even more. It gets old.

  5. While fans launching any projectiles at players is regrettable, the PR goal keeper took time-wasting to another level with his demands for new gloves, which killed over 3 minutes on the clock…and then he didn’t even put the new pair on!


  6. So that justifies missiles from the stands?

    It wasn’t so long ago that all and sundry (including TFC fans) were castigating ALL Crew fans whenever one person merely suggested similar.

  7. I’m not gonna lie, if I were in the stands and cheering for TFC, I’d probably have done the same. The keepers’ actions were an absolute atrocity to the sport in general. It doesn’t make throwing a beer the right thing to do, but I’d have done it anyway in this instance!

  8. If the goalkeepers tactics were despicable, perhaps the assclowns that call themselves TFC fans shouldn’t have given him the opportunity to waste even more time.

    There are consequences for behaving like a classless retard.

  9. TFC fans have shown in the past to be classless – this week they only confirmed it.

    You’re lucky Islanders fans don’t adhere to an ‘eye for an eye’

    or let’s hope not -idiots

  10. streamers are ok…but throwing anything else should result in a permanent ban from BMO, simply as that..that said its not easy to spot the throwers if you have ever been to BMO, the security seemed lost at times trying to find the culprits..another alternitive would be for a alcohol ban in the south end, i would support this if the fans dont start turning in the fans the are responsible?

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