MLS Rumors “investigation” smacks of racism and stupidity

Today MLS Rumors put it up its much hyped “investigation” into to US Soccer. To call it laughable is an insult to humor. To call it stupid is an insult to stupid people. To even give this much attention is probably a mistake on my part, but I simply cannot let it go by. This is one of the single-most offensive, stupid pieces I’ve ever seen written on American soccer and additionally it includes outright racist sentiments.

Here we go:
Right away, the article, which purports to be about US Soccer, goes right into the usual Eurosnob arguments about why Bradley should never have been coach in the first place. That’s fine, I guess, but these comments could pretty much have been cut and pasted from anytime in 2007. Not a good start.

Next they copy a whole bunch of text from the American Soccer History Archives, who really ought to think twice about attaching its name to a screed such as this one. You’ll never believe this, but the author’s conclusion is that if only the organization that had closer links to England had won a 1912 (really!) power struggle, America would be a soccer power, we’d all spell color with a, “u,” there’d be a meat pie in every pot, etc, etc.

Anyone with a reasonably educated view of the sport knows that one of the things holding this sport back has been the excessive influence and deference to all things British. But for whichever unlabeled, (we’ll get to that later) pimply adolescent yearning for a unique and “authentic” identity, well they feel otherwise.

But anyway, back to the article itself, which at this point delves yet again back into the selection of Bradley as national team coach – which, if I may extend a simile here for a moment, has become to US Soccer fans what the 2000 disputed Presidential election became for folks on the left – a jumping off platform for some of the most crazy and lunatic theories to come through American soccer in a long time.

From everything I’ve read and ascertained about the 2007 decision, Klinsmann wanted control over virtually everything in US Soccer, to include even off-the-field items such as sponsorship. Now, as qualified as Klinsmann may have been to run the on-the-field side of US Soccer, he is completely unqualified to have any say in commercial matters. Klinsmann, like most European players has ZERO post-secondary education, and is qualified for two things – soccer, and apparently being a baker. Neither of those things is enough to warrant the kind of control he demanded out of US Soccer. Oh, and allow me to remind this author, who again remains anonymous, that in the world of soccer, there is at least one and probably two tournaments bigger in importance than the Copa America; 1) the European Championships, and 2) the Confederations Cup, which unlike the Copa America in most years, featured full-blown A-teams from all involved. But hey, it’s really easy to be wrong when you don’t have to put your name on it.

I digress yet again. Let’s return to the gibberish, or “article” to use the polite term.
Sigh… he/she/it is back to the Bradley/Klinsmann debate again. Whether you agree with Bradley or like his work (and goodness knows I’ve been conflicted on this), isn’t this all getting a bit hackneyed, and a bit old now? If I hear one more time about the Gold Cup being “our continental championship” and that it thus must be treated like the European Championships, I am going to puke. If Concacaf wants it to be like the Euros, it knows what it has to do, and that is make it once every four years, not once every two. Until then, we’ll treat the WCQ-year Gold Cup like what it is, a CONCACAF money grab.

I’ll give the (anonymous) author credit, he is successfully rehashing almost every Europoseur argument about US Soccer from the last four years. He might be stupid, racist (keep reading) and a coward (that anonymity again), but he is thorough.

I’ll quickly grant that I was with him on this prediction until Bradley completely and utterly outcoached del Bosque and Spain in that Confederations Cup match. That turned me around to a large degree.

But get ready folks, here is where things really come off the rails.

With regards to him having executive roles in both US Soccer and MLS, I’ll grant that it’s a problem and clear COI. But who does the author thinks sits on Confederation committees? It’s heads of federations. There is nothing out of the norm with Gulati, as the head of a major Concacaf federation, sitting on some Confederation boards. It’s how the governance of international sport tends to work.

Let’s break this bit down further:

Who says US Soccer funneling huge sums of cash to India? That’s not what is suggested at all. It looks like we’re going to sit on some conference calls, maybe have a meeting or two, and maybe send some coaches down there for a shmooze.

Wow, allow me to reel my jaw off the floor at the scale of such graft. Plus, if the child (no proof otherwise) who wrote this article has any sense of politics, he’d know that when you’re in the midst of bidding for the World Cup, it might help to get some allies on your side. Sure, India might not be a major “soccer” power, but it is a major economic one, and if this deal, as small as it seems to me, helps us host a World Cup, then it’s capital extremely well-spent. How would the author like us to bid for the World Cup, exactly? Presumably he’d like us to bid as England did and just stand there arrogantly and say to the world, “We’re the USA and that’s why you should give us the World Cup right now, harrumph.” Well, England lost the 2006 World Cup to Germany, just as we’d surely lose our bid if we followed suit.

Again, the lack of any understanding of politics or understanding of how to win a World Cup bid is galling here.
I have no idea what this is supposed to insinuate, do you?

That is quite simply the single most abhorrent and racist thing I have ever seen written about soccer. So, Sunil Gulati is in fact an agent provocateur from India here to destroy US Soccer from within. So the mere fact that Gulati is of Indian descent and that the region where his family is from is corrupt “explains” how this deal and Gulati himself must inherently be corrupt. This is like reading something from an Obama “birther” website. Did Gulati’s ethnicity probably assist in setting up this arrangement with the Indian FA? Probably, but to then then say that his heritage somehow explains the corruption somehow implicit in this deal is simply racism.

Name one example of a site or article that US Soccer has shut down. Otherwise you’re full of shit.

Now, I can speak with some authority on this matter, because I suspect unlike the anonymous individual writing the article, I’ve been credentialed for US Soccer events. Let me tell you, I’ve never once seen these terms that are being alleged by the author. Below this post, in blue, I have posted the terms that are explicitly posted on US Soccer’s media website. I will comment on them at a later time, but let me tell you that they are in fact more lenient of many new-media strategies like live-blogging and twitter than are many of governing bodies.

Well, I took a quick look at the US Soccer site and did not find the budget either. I did find some older business plan documents that include figures, but not the budget. Fair enough. As for the claim that “this is basic information which is available abroad about other national federations,” that doesn’t standup one bit. After searching the websites for the English FA, Irish (NIR) FA, Scottish FA, Welsh FA, Football Australia, New Zealand FA, South African FA and Football Association of Ireland (Rep. of Ire), I didn’t find a single one of their budgets either. So while it would be nice if the USSF opened its books a bit more, they appear to be in good company in not doing so.

So it appears that the author is now claiming that because a woman that they claim is a USSF press officer dresses well, has nice accessories, might make six-figures, and traveled in a limo or town car, it means that she is somehow an example of corruption. I do not know who that woman is, but I do know that filming and sliming a woman (who the cowardly author also does not identify) is a shocking display out of a web site purports to be taken seriously by American soccer.

Lots of people have nice clothes, lots of people make six figures, lots of people occasionally get into limos – none of this is evidence in the slightest of corruption. The single most corrupt thing I’ve seen so far has been the disgraceful ethics and lack of responsibility shown on the part of the cowardly anonymous author and the website that hosts his/her material. At no time does MLS Rumors show any evidence of the corruption that they slime this unidentified woman with. That is simply unacceptable.

I have been following MLS and American soccer closely since about 1997. For better or worse, I was first credentialed by MLS when I was in 8th grade, since then I have covered soccer as a professional journalist, freelancer, student journalist and now as a blogger – and in that time I have never seen anything published on the subject that is as blatantly racist, shoddily “reported” (and I use that term as loosely as possible), and just overall irresponsible as the piece I outline above. It’s quite frankly a disgrace. It reads like a screed from a fringey (either one) political message board. The site that hosts is has already pretty much been disavowed by any reasonably respectable media outlet as a source of any nonsense it gets it’s hands on. But publishing false transfer rumors are quite different than this piece of racist, sexist, likely slanderous crap that it published today. Every one of us who writes about soccer on the web today has been made to look worse by the article, and everyone is going to have to deal with the fallout as the site’s legions of teenage fanboys find all their mythologies validated.

Everyone out there knows that sports governance, especially in international sports like soccer is quite corrupt. I agree that US Soccer could do awful lot better in many spheres. I too would like to learn more about its workings and to try and impact positive change upon the organization. But one can either do that like an adult, through responsible journalism, investigation, and commentary, or one can do it like a child, using race-baiting, innuendo, and slander. Going the route of the latter, has done nothing whatsoever to advance any of the goals above. It’s probably pushed it in the opposite direction.

American soccer as a community is worse today because that article was published.

It’s too bad.

Finally, a note on anonymity.

My name is Aaron Charles Stollar. I live in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington DC. I work for a large consulting firm in the area, I also write and blog for and occasionally at I am reachable at, on twitter at @aaronstol, and on Facebook. That is who I am.

We don’t know who authored the article I talk about above because they themselves are too cowardly to come out and say so. There is no better definition of the word coward than that. I have, both as a pro and as a blogger, written some inflammatory articles both as a reporter and as a commentator. My name was attached to the article every single time. As a poster on BS, I’ve always been very open with who I was, until recently using a handle (aaronstol) that made it clear who I was, and then just changing it to my full name. Why did I always identify myself? Because to not do so 1) eliminates nearly any credibility you attempt to extend to your arguments, and 2) because I am a man, and in my mind, a man always identifies himself when making an opinion. To not do so is craven, soft, weak, immature, and just about any synonym you can think of for the word coward. Remember that the next time you read something posted anonymously, whether from that site or elsewhere. And please, the next time you’re bored at work and want a quick something to read – don’t go to MLS Rumors and give them the pleasure of a hit. Go to another site, any other site, as this article truly shows that they are not worthy of any of our traffic or our attention.

Appendix: Current US Soccer Media Policies.

Please note, I have redacted phone numbers and email addresses.


84 thoughts on “MLS Rumors “investigation” smacks of racism and stupidity

  1. Well said, Aaron. I think a lot of US Soccer followers recognize the woman and that kind of slander is awful. This might be the first “investigation” that didn’t involve talking to a single person.

  2. Great read — your stuff, of course, not the drivel from that other site.

    >Name one example of a site or article that US Soccer has shut down. Otherwise you’re full of shit.

    He is talking about

  3. Cliff notes?

    Look, getting upset at MLS Rumors gives them respect that they haven’t earned and don’t deserve. It’s like getting upset at the Birthers. If you engage them it gives them an amplifier that they shouldn’t get.

    I find it troubling that people still click on their drivel. But arguing with them just makes it worse, Aaron.

  4. I was under the interpretation that was a money issue, not a content issue.

    Even so, if he thought that, he should’ve named them.

  5. Wow. That was long. I couldn’t make it past the Klinsmann / Bradley comparison.

    Do you think this came out as a result of the USMNT failure against Mexico (which I think was probably a really good thing for the US to experience leading back into WC Qualifying)?

  6. 1) I am going to let the, “that was long” statement fly by.

    2) I wouldn’t go ascribing too many motives to those guys in terms of timing, etc. They’re not that smart.

  7. If, in fact, USSoccer is a non-profit, then their budget is available (in many states,online) from the state in which they are registered as a non-profit. Any decent journalist would know this.

  8. I’ll be honest, I am not sure whether they are or aren’t. I know the US Soccer Foundation is a non-profit. But, the USSF itself, I don’t actually know.

    EDIT: I just looked it up on the IRS site – both the foundation in DC and USSF in Chicago are listed as Charities. USSF is also listed as “incorporated,” I’ll leave it to others to explain how that might affect their openness with a budget because this is way out of my wheelhouse.

  9. But they didn’t shut them down. They merely wouldn’t let them make money off their trademark. I don’t agree with how it went down, but protecting your trademark is hardly shutting someone down.

    Last I checked, Josh was still going to have a site. He just had to change the domain.

  10. All you have to do is register for They have pretty much all the documentation non-profits are required to post available.

  11. Good stuff, Aaron. Nothing to add, but I’m going to hold off on writing what I planned since this should get the top billing for a while.

  12. This is what I mean in the story by exploring US Soccer the right way. I’ll also admit that I am not the one to that. I imagine you’d want someone with at least an elementary knowledge of accounting and math. Thus, not me.

  13. I wasn’t expecting you to do it. Just that those treads had no clue that you can actually read financial data online.

  14. I just FedExed a Costco size package of “rear-end” recovery cream to the MLSRumors offices (some guy’s basement in Jersey).

  15. wow. Ignoring the relative “substance” of your post vs. the post (which is doing them a favor), I must say that at least you understand the use of commas and grammar in general. That other one was hard to read. Are commas really that hard to figure out how to properly use? I had them mastered fairly well by 6th grade.

    The USSF has many problems, Sunil is one of them to be sure – but that article actually helps them; it is so poor, I am afraid it will cause any other serious exposes to be ignored as “just another internet smear”, or worse. Heck, I almost feel sorry for the USSF

  16. Thank you for talking about this article and MLSR in general. Their site (which I visit and post comments on) has been taking a steep dive for the past several months. Just look at the comments of some people. The fact that near 90% of the site is Anon is disturbing.

  17. The past several MONTHS? Hell, when I first seriously heard about them over a year ago when they decided to blow up the Crew v. New England game to epic proportions, they apparently by most estimations were fully engaged in a tailspin.

  18. You have got to love xenophobia, especially when it is so entirely unaware of itself.

    If the one thing that has hurt the development in the U.S. is the dreaded “British” influence, why have all of the attempts to “Americanize” the sport failed so disastrously?

    Shootouts to avoid ties, anyone? How about three game “series” rather than home-away ties for the playoffs? A countdown clock rather than stoppage time perhaps?

    It would seem to me, at least, that the inverse of your argument is true, but, hey, that might just be the logic talking.

    Oh, and you were extending a metaphor, not a simile, though you weren’t really extending one, just offering one. Either way, the point remains: take an English class.

    As for a website the U.S. Soccer has shut down: There, will you stop writing articles now? Please?

    On the tails of your, “Screw you guys, I’m going home!” rant about the national team during the Confederations Cup (in which, not suprisingly, you made so many of the arguments you now ridicule as being “Europoseur”-like), the only thing that keeps me reading your nonsense is to determine whether you’re really a nine year old boy or an 11 year old girl, because you sure write, reason, and argue like one.

  19. Nice try Grant. The decrying of the British influence on soccer in the US is due to the fact that it supressed the southern European, central european, and Latin influences throught the history of the game here up until the Rothenberg era.

    Is Grant one of the MLS Rumor socks around here, or just a fanboy of the site? Knowing who they post here as would be a useful service…

  20. We at MLS Rumors come from a wide variety of nations, and ethnic backgrounds. We find this idea that we’re racist because we drew a link between Sunil Gulati and his federation’s new partnership with Indian football absurd and flat out ignorant of real racism.

    When people here on Big Soccer and elsewhere have criticized Jack Warner from CONCACAF and calling him and Trinidad corrupt is that racist as well? If so then where was everyone calling out Bill Archer and the like?

    Using racism as a label to describe any criticism of any non-white person shows a total lack of sensitivity, sophistication and understanding about what racism really is. And the people who do this should be ashamed of themselves for using phantom racism to distract from very real issues.

    One of our good friends and MLSR partner Kartik Krishnayer, whom you may be familiar with has read out piece and he’s loved it.

    We’ll let that rather than someone who perhaps has little first hand experience with racism, speak for itself.

    We were expecting this line to come from US Soccer Federation apologists and are fully prepared to fight you on it if need be.

  21. Things to “love” about the MLS Rumors comment above:
    1) Still anonymous
    2) Literally uses the Stephen Colbert “black friend” line to excuse the obvious racism in the column
    3) I wonder what Kartik thinks about MLS Rumors naming him their “favorite minority”… also his tweets today indicated that he too had an issue with the anonymity. But hey, never let the facts get in the way of hit-traffic.

  22. Aaron,

    What is more racist? Making an assumption that we are all white non-Indians or the Stephen Colbert bit you posted?

    You’re digging a hole here.

  23. Nope, you’re not going to reverse this on me. Colbert is parody. You are self-parody.

    Yet again, I ask you explain why Sunil Gulati’s Indian heritage “explains” how the deal with the Indian FA is corrupt and a waste of money?

  24. MLS Rumors,

    Go to hell. Aaron’s example was fine, while your cute little half-assed smear is exposed for all to see.

    By the way, have you received the package I sent yet?

  25. The fact that you use him as a credible source is funnier than your article.

    I thought we were beyond the time when simply buying a URL and throwing stuff up there was seen as being a credible source for soccer news.

  26. For as much crap as I (and many others) throw Kartik’s way – he does attach his name to his work like an adult. In light of what we see from anonymous writers, I think it’s fair that we give him and Trecker and everyone who puts their name on their stuff some credit.

  27. Credit for not being anonymous. But not credit for being any more relevant in the scheme of “journalism” than me. I’m just too cheap to a buy a URL and too lazy to do more than a post every once in a while.

    Just because someone can purchase web space and have the gumption to post away does not make them credible. We’re beyond that.

  28. So MLS Rumors can’t admit who wrote the piece, and now that they are here trying to defend it, and somewhat absurdly so, they still can’t put their name to it.

    Speaks volumes.

    Hard to hold the USSF accountable for any perceived problems when you aren’t willing to be accountable for your own work.

    Ed M.

  29. If that had been what you did, you’d have a valid complaint. But it isn’t what you did.

    What you did was this:

    a) Sunil Gulati’s heritage is from a particular state in India;
    b) that state in India has had a lot of governmental corruption;
    c) therefore, that’s a strong suggestion that Gulati’s management of the Federation is corrupt.

    That’s a very, very different line of argument from what you describe above. It’s also detestable.

  30. That guy is an idiot and would sign his name to anything bashing US Soccer. And anyone who has been around Big Soccer very long knows who wrote the article and who you are MLS Rumors. Your brand of blatant stupidity and uninformed viewpoints are a blight on the sport.

  31. Then refer back to your little screed against Archer, who, you know, backs up his writing regarding Warner with, you know, facts and details. Unlike anything MLS Rumors writes. Comparing the two just highlights how little you understand.

    Can we all just agree to all never visit this utter crap site again? It’s not even rumor anymore, just hateful. Thank you.

  32. Feel free to let all our writers, from Patrick Beatty to Jose Burgos to Rene Romano at Fox Sports to Glenn Davis at ESPN know how you feel. And these are just a small portion of a large pool of people who write for us but must do so anonymously for good reason.

  33. So no one should be taken seriously? Or the ones who actually do their homework?

    Admit it – you’re mad they wouldn’t credential you. You were complaining about it in the Open Cup chat three weeks ago. You just want to make them look bad because you still aren’t taken seriously (which is a direct result of not acting serious about what you do).

    Then there’s the fact of the matter that if you want to be taken seriously as a critic of the USSF and you do not know who that woman is, you really don’t know a whole lot about the USSF. Hell, I’ve never covered the team and I know. You know how I knew? Because I respect facts and realities and research things to make sure I know what I’m talking about. For God’s sake, you could have at least found the free financial reports available online and used them as resources instead of just making stuff up. It’s basic stuff.

    Look into it someday, Skippy.

  34. Wow. Just, wow. Where does one start?

    One still must start at True Journalistic Standards.

    What MLS Rumors tried to do was rant in the grand tradition of Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, and Dennis Miller.

    But the rant was a failure. Big-time.

    If MLS Rumors wanted to save face, they need to say their “investigation” was, instead, an “opinion.”

    “Nothing much is riding on this. Just the first amendment, freedom of the press, and the future of the country. Not that any of that matters.” — Ben Bradlee

  35. Yes, because you wouldn’t dare put your name to the steaming pile of crap that was served up this morning.

    It’s a shame for guys like Davis, who I’d wager had nothing to do with today’s “article,” yet by their association with your site, and with no one on your site owning up to the article, can be perceived as responsible for it – probably unfairly.

    But hey, if you want to drag your own site’s known voices through the mud, have a blast.

  36. Actually we have and we are saving that for a future report. Can’t give eveything away at once and our article was long enough.

    As someone who we know has worked with US Soccer closely monster we pretty much expect you to be a bit biased here if not an outright apologist. We know who you are.

  37. Guilt by association. Absolutely absurd.

    Wait! I just saw that that was only part one! I can’t wait for the thrilling conclusion!

  38. So now three reputable BigSoccer bloggers in Aaron Ed and Monster are all disingenuous liars, and the MLS tabloids site called MLS Rumors is telling the truth.


    P.S. be careful we know who you are too

  39. Nice second-grade level response.

    Which about fits the writing style of the “article.”

    And still no one fessing up to it.

    No surprise.

  40. I have nothing to do with MLS Rumors, and I actually think the site is terrible. That doesn’t change the fact that the main crux of this argument is also ridiculous. Several things said by both sides of this beef are absurd, from the assertion that the “British” influence on the game has been the biggest impediment to the development of the sport in the U.S. to the assertion that Sunil Gulati is corrupt because he comes from a certain part of India. My point is that the writer of this blog is a hypocritical xenophobe who doesn’t have any place criticizing people for shoddy “journalism,” especially after being strung up by his toes for his nonsensical rant during the Confederations Cup.

    My intention was never to defend or endorse anything on MLS Rumors, my only intention was to point out why Aaron should realize that he does exactly the same thing.

  41. Be careful, Monster, or MLS Rumors will do a Google search about you, then write an “investigative” report claiming that you are a racist pedophile with backhair. It will be written in the “Illiterate Drunk Whore With Downs Syndrome” style to which we’ve grown accustomed.

    I said very early in this thread that engaging with libelous dickheads amplified their voice in ways that they don’t deserve. I consider myself proven right.

  42. I’ve never hidden who I was so don’t act like you’re Magnum ********ing PI. And I have never worked for or with or alongside or done anything for the USSF except buy tickets and bitch at them.

    I’ve written and/or been paid by S365 and by the precursor to the US Soccer Players (the union) site. Their name escapes me.

    So congrats on cracking a secret that wasn’t a secret and on getting (yet another) fact horribly incorrect.

    Christ, I just told people more about me in about 50 words than you did in 5,000. Kudos.

  43. If it’s any consolation, I have no idea who the ******** any of you are and don’t particulary care. But this is highly entertaining, especially since the MLS X-Files guy showed up.

  44. But just this week, they broke the lid off the Montreal expansion announcement AND the Seattle fan protest!

  45. According to their filing in NY state, The United States Soccer Federation Foundation Inc. netted over $47,000,000 in receivables in 2007/2008 (annual cycle from June to June) as a 501(c) Nonprofit Corporation (if I am reading the filing correctly).

    You can check out all their yearly filings going back to 1995 HERE.

  46. Holy shit. Anyone that actually – you know – covers the USMNT knows that the “Gucci Bag Lady” is the team’s “General Manager” and is listed on pretty much every press release roster. She is, for lack of a better term, the Radar O’Reilly of the MNT. She handles a lot of the small details for the players and their entourages in order to allow the players to concentrate on playing. Furthermore she helps out members of the press when asked, and I’ve seen her at not MNT USSF events pitching in as other USSF staff and volunteers do.

    There’s nothing insidious or mysterious about her at all. Since she’s at every practice, usually with little to do during practice, and this little thing called the was crying out for content, they gave her a camera. USSF does not have a photographer on staff, and they do not pay their primary provider enough to cover every training session. Her photography is a fill-in.

    A real journalist would actually ask somebody who this “person they’re 90% sure who” is. It’s not a state secret.

  47. Brian Shea? Everyone knows who he is. Everyone knows who “Gucci Bag Lady” is – except, strangely, you.

    Have you tried calling Soccer House and asking questions?

    Holy crap, I’ve pissed off Aaron Heifetz, Michael Kammarman, Neil Buethe (well maybe not Neil), Bryan Chenault, Jim Moorhouse, and pretty much every USSF press officer I can think of more times than I care to count.

    I’ve been chewed out, scowled out, and dismissed. I’ve never had my credentials pulled or even threatened.

    I thought Kammarman was going to kill me after we ran this photo:

    The relations between press officers and media is always going to be tempestuous. It’s possible to muckrake and tell the hard story, to do the expose without having one’s creds pulled.

    Act professional and use journalistic ethics and access isn’t a problem. Yeah, they’re human and they get pissed off – but if they respect that you’re being honest and ethical – they’ll let you do your job.

  48. That’s why I should have Mike’s job. I’d buy you a beer for that photo. It rules in more ways than one can describe.

  49. My eyes began to glaze over reading your diatribe. Frankly whatever your opinion is, or your point for that matter, Gulati is nothing but a bean counter, and shouldn’t be in control of US Soccer, period. US Soccer is a disaster.

  50. Which are points that I’m not sure Aaron would dispute, but that’s not what this blog entry was about. Your reading comprehension, however, is in dispute.

  51. No… you’re wrong… they have gross receipts of more than $47,000,000.

    Please, if you don’t know the difference between gross receipts, income and receivables, please don’t comment.

  52. Yeah, I noticed that. I wanted to take this analysis apart bit by bit. I hope someone lets me know when MLSTruthers posts their financial analysis of the USSF.

  53. Bravo Aaron Stollar.

    To me, the bottom line is the anonymity issue.

    There are a lot of people out there who are hostile to me and the stuff I write sometimes. Fair enough. I go after people hard sometimes and if they want to give it back to me I can hardly bitch about it.

    But when I call you an SOB I do it using my name. You know exactly who I am, where I live and how to contact me.

    And I have, several times, expressed my utter contempt for the level of garbage, lies, stupidity (witness the totally brainless, childish piece Aaron sliced and diced above) and disregard for the truth or the facts that MLSR displays on a daily basis.

    And my name was on each and every word of it.

    Conversely, MLSR has run vicious attacks on me (people send me excerpts – I don’t visit trashy websites), some of the quite lengthy and detailed.

    And they do it like cowards, without putting their name on it.

    So this gutless weasel, who likes to pretend that he is, in reality, a large staff of investigative reporters scurrying around ferreting out the larger truths, hides behind his keyboard, no different in any way from the average, garden-variety message board troll. Tough talk, a bunch of mouth, a bunch of strutting and chest beating, but cowering and hiding when it comes times to put his name on anything.

    Which I think pretty well illustrates how proud he is of himself and the caliber of his work.

    As for this “expose” it has all the intellectual throw weight of a bag of hair. I have written about Sunil Gulati many times – always, of course, using my legal name – and how he feel his administration falls short in many areas.

    And I’m gratified to see the MLSR douchebag has stolen my thoughts in the matter.

    But the facts aren’t enough for him. He wants to make stuff up about USSF secretly sending vast amounts of cash to India (um, would it be too much trouble to offer, you know, “proof”?) or sending his pals over on paid vacations (who is going? When? Any evidence for the charge? Anything?) or how many lawyers USSF employs (can he name a couple? One? If there are “more lawyers than soccer people, this shouldn’t be hard, should it?) or some femake press officer who is apparently lving in the lap of luxury on the federation’s dime (utterly presposterous. Any evidence of this? Would you know a Prada bag if you choked on it? Isn’t this really just another groundless fantasy?)

    On and on he goes, making it up on the fly, substituting slanders and utter baloney for actual facts, of which he has none).

    As for Bob Bradley begging European teams for players and them not releasing them because he’s nobody, can you offer an example of this? Teams are required to release players for international duty by FIFA regulation. They have no choice.

    National teams, conversely, are very respectful of the fact that their players are employed by a club and don’t abuse the privilege. Bradley wold have been absolutely wrong to call in his European players for two freakin months. Nobody would have done that, not Klinnsmann, not anyone. It’s unacceptable, it’s not done by anyone, which MLSR would know if he knew anything about anything at all.

    Bradley made a choice: he wanted them for the ConFed Cup, where they got the experience of playing a major, internationally televised championship against teams like Spain and Brazil, rather than have them come in to play against Panama. Apparently MLSR feels there was a lot more to gain from the experience of playing regional minnows in a worthless bullshit, third rate competition than spend a couple weeks playing the best in the world in the exact same place they’ll be playing the World Cup next year. Boy, that Bradley – what a moron, eh? Which demonstrates pretty well how truly clueless MLSR is.

    (And for the record, USSF, in between swanning about in limos and shopping for handbags, are the ones who do the asking, not the coach and if you think Sunil Gulati and CONCACAF carry no weight internationally then you’re an even bigger idiot that I had imagined. Juergen Klinnsman or Christ our Lord cannot get more cooperation than the USSF can. Of course, if you think I’m wrong please provide some evidence and show the world how much smarter you are than me.)

    That entire article, which is such crap that the author is too ashamed to put his name on, is a prime example of the garbage that site posts, and their ethics.


    Bill Archer
    Uniontown, OH

  54. I should have said ‘receipts’ – my bad… Thanks for the enlightening post… hopefully I’m still allowed to comment…

  55. I don’t understand why people read this site in the first place. A few months ago, when Philadelphians were desperate for news, MLS Rumors were first to break the news that the team would be named AC Philadelphia, that the head coach would be Sven Goran-Erikson or Ricky Sbragia, that the first player signed would be Bouna Coundoul, that our DP (Seedorf, of course) would be signed in May. And, of course, that the ownership group was in dire straits and the team was going to be pulled from Philly and sent to Montreal instead.

    Unless Seedorf signs for Philadelphia or Panasonic becomes the jersey sponsor, MLS Rumors is pretty much batting 0.000 on the Philly team so far–other than “scoops” they’ve pulled (without attribution) from posts on BigSoccer.

  56. MLSR are what we like to call “lying liars”. I’ll gladly shout that from the mountaintops until their site goes offline.

  57. Bob Wagner of Soccertimes, who’s been covering soccer for as long as anyone in this country had this to say. Please note, I am reprinting this with his permission.

  58. I am shocked – SHOCKED! – that MLSR would disappear without a trace once called out on their unethical and libelous behavior.

    Flabbergasted. Flummoxed.

    When you get around to growing a set of gonads, Jade & co., Crew fans will be waiting for that apology.

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