USL Stadium Rumblings in Charm City

Well this doesn’t sound like a bad thing at all:

I think Baltimore should be a great USL market. I am not sure having a team there called Crystal Palace Baltimore is the best way to exploit the market, but still, a small stadium up there would be a good addition to the USL and might also provide the Terps with an occasional Baltimore-area home.

Ed, as a Baltimore resident, what do you think?


8 thoughts on “USL Stadium Rumblings in Charm City

  1. Not sure about Ed, but I think it would be great. The one problem is the lack easily developed land. There is a new development along the shores of the Middle Branch in the Westport neighborhood that might be able to accommodate a 7000 seat stadium, but I think the project is pretty well programmed already.

    The problem with CP Baltimore matches now is the generally remote suburban location for folks in the city. A downtown stadium that’s easily reached would do well.

  2. For some reason, google maps does not recognize “dantan Balmer.”

    Weren’t they playing in Annapolis? Catonsville is already progress. But this would be neat. Some aypen cop metches with DC and Philly at a dantan pork would be super, hawn.

  3. Could you unpack that one a bit for me, hon? (Pardon the ‘hon.’ I am having Baltimore “fleshbecks.” Watch a few John Waters movies – you won’t understand, necessarily, but you will be amused or perplexed or more otherwise alive, or take the more conventional, but also interesting, version and watch Barry Levinson – by conventional I don’t mean cheap hollywood pablum, well, except for Rainman, but that isn’t about Bal’mer.

    Anyhow, if you are still awake, you obviously support Cleveland, so what is happening? Is Cleveland going back down? Why are you suggesting “trading places?” Was it the Dukes that tricked you into to trying USL-1, when it was just an amusement for them in the form of a $1 bet to see if you could hack it?

  4. I think it’s a wonderful idea in theory.

    And given Baltimore city government and Maryland state goverment, I think that’s all it will ever be, is a theory.

  5. I think if they ever built an SSS where the Maryland Pride used to play (somewhere near Westport off the light rail), it’d be boffo box office.

  6. Well, I will say this, for the second straight year Baltimore will host a professional soccer match. This year it is Manchester City vs. Inter Milan. Now if that does not scream the need for a soccer specific stadium, I do not know what does. M&T Bank Stadium is just to large for these type of matches. With a soccer specific stadium in the fall local colleges and universities could use the stadium and in the spring Crystal Palace could play there.

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